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Download Minecraft 1.0.0 for Android

The 11th of November started with unexpected news – Minecraft Official Twitter page posted a message: “The End is nigh! Pocket & Win 10 Edition will soon get updated to version 1.0. Android players can get the beta now!”
Today we will tell you about the new content introduced in Minecraft 1.0 release, called the Ender Update. You will be able to download Minecraft 1.0.0 for Android very soon via the link at the end of the article.

Download Minecraft 1.0.0 for Android
Finally, the true End has been added to Minecraft Pocket Edition, and now all users can explore it and fight the Ender Dragon!

New Features in Minecraft PE 1.0.0

The third and the last dimension in MCPE – the End – is added to the game.
To access it, the player must find, repair and activate the Portal located within the stronghold.

An activated portal will take the player right to this area.
The End consists mainly of one main island surrounded at a distance of about 1000 blocks by smaller islands.

The islands are comprised of End stone.

The day-night cycle is absent in the End, similar to the Nether, – so you will not succeed in using beds.
Most items function in the End exactly as they do in the Overworld, with a few notable exceptions:
• Beds will explode if the player attempts to use them, as in the Nether World.
• Lava flows faster as it does in the Nether.
• Water flows at the same speed as in the Overworld.
• Compasses cannot find the original respawn point.
• Clocks do not work in this dimension, since there is not day-night cycle.
• Maps made in the End World show the same red and gray pattern as in the Nether
• However, the direction indicator does work properly.
• Nether portals will not activate here.
• Fire burns indefinitely on bedrock, but does not spread.

Central Island
After the teleport to the End, the players will find themselves on the central island, teeming with Endermen, at X=100, Y=49, Z=0, facing west, on top of a 5x5x1 obsidian platform, generated either on or within the island.
Next, the only way is to defeat a three-headed monster, or die.
Once you have defeated the final boss, it will drop up to 70 levels of experience orbs, and create an exit portal. After getting into the portal, the player will see the credits and earn an achievement.

Outer Islands


Once the End Boss is dead, you will be able to explore the surroundings of smaller islands, beyond the central island, by simply teleporting there through a special portal. These islands mainly contain dungeons, plants and new mobs.


The Ender Dragon
The Ender Dragon is a final boss in Minecraft PE. It is a huge black monster with purple eyes. It has several types of attacks and can destroy blocks.
To kill it, you need to destroy all ender crystals, as they heal the dragon.
After its death, it creates a portal, and the player earns a lot of experience and can collect its Breath.
The Dragon is respawned if the ender crystals are placed as seen below:


Blocks and Items
A dragon egg appears on top of the exit portal after the dragon is defeated.
If clicked, the egg will teleport at a random distance. Can be mined with a pickaxe.

Dragon’s Breath is a component for lingering potions.
To get it, you need to use a glass bottle in or near the Monster’s breath attack.

Elytra are a rare item that allows the player to glide in the air (slowly moving down).
They can be found in end ship cities.

Purpur blocks are decorative blocks that are generated in End cities.

End stone bricks are made of End stone.
End crystal is a block generated on top of obsidian pillars. It recharges the health of the end boss and is also required to respawn the boss.

Chorus plant can be found in the Ender dimension. It is used to obtain chorus fruit.

Chorus flowers are used to grow chorus plants.
Chorus fruit can be eaten or smelted to obtain popper chorus fruit.
Popper chorus fruit are used to craft end rods.
End rods are decorative light sources.

Lingering potions are potions that can be thrown onto the ground to leave a certain effect for 15 seconds. Crafted from Dragon’s Breath.

Dragon head is a decorative item.
Ender Chest is similar to a regular chest, but with some differences. The first and utmost difference is that its inventory can be accessed from the same Ender storages. The capacity is the same – 27 slots.
It must be noted that each player has their own inventory, so there is no need to worry about your items on the server.
The chest is resistant to explosions, but will only drop obsidian when destroyed.


Igloos are structures that are naturally generated in snowy biomes. They consist primarily of snow blocks.

Igloos can be in two variants: normal and with a basement (50% chance).

In the igloo with a basement, you can find several useful items, a villager, a zombie villager behind the bars and a treasure chest.

To get into the basement, you need to destroy a carpet, under which you may find a trapdoor.


Polar bears are creatures that are generated in snowy biomes.
Adult bears can be neutral and hostile, if you attack them or their cubs.
The cubs are always passive and they will not attack the player, even if damaged.

Shulkers are hostile mobs that blend in with purpur blocks. They shoot bullets at the players giving them a levitation effect. Shulkers tend to hide in their shell (thus they cannot be damaged by arrows) and teleport, if their health is low. Shulkers spawn in End cities to protect them from the players.

Endermites are hostile mobs that have a 5% chance of spawning when the player uses a teleport with an ender pearl, or when the endermen teleport.


Other changes
– The world height is now 256 blocks.

– In video settings, the interface can be changed to the one similar to Windows 10.

– Maps now work in the End

To sum up, we can say that the developers managed to surprise all MCPE fans, by introducing an update with a new dimension. A lot of people have been waiting for it, and now they can enjoy full-scale gameplay. The only thing left is an official API to support various mods – then the game will be nearly the same as a PC version.

Download Minecraft PE 1.0.0

Name Minecraft Pocket Edition
Version 1.0.0
Date 19.12.2016
ОS Android
Produser Microsoft
Author Mojang
License Free
Xbox Live +
Size  82,4 mb



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