Minecraft PE 1.19.22

Download Minecraft PE 1.19.22 Wild Update: going on a trip, players can take everything they need in the chest, which the boat is now equipped with.

Minecraft PE 1.19.22

Minecraft 1.19.22: The Wild Update

Thanks to each update, users have the opportunity to enjoy more stable gameplay and high performance. The developers have made Minecraft 1.19.22 even more interesting and exciting.

This time, players will be able to fully devote themselves to their favorite activities without interrupting due to failures or errors. The spectator mode can help beginners and experienced players. Thanks to him, they can watch the game of other users, while being directly on the playing field.

Mangrove swamps

With the advent of this biome, players have even more opportunities to explore, build and travel. A unique territory, the surface of which is covered with mud.

Mangrove Swamp in Minecraft PE 1.19

Also in Minecraft PE 1.19.22, you can find very unusual trees here, their branches hanging down like vines. And the roots are an excellent building material.

Frogs, of course, live in this area. They can be useful to players because they produce blocks called Froglight.

Frog in Minecraft 1.19

These items are perfect for lighting rooms and the surrounding space. Players can breed these animals, for this you need to find tadpoles.

Tadpole for Minecraft 1.19

Just place them in a small pond and wait until they turn into an adult. This is a great chance to try something new and interesting in the game.

Other changes

In early versions, players could observe that when they were on some servers for a long time, their textures could change color. In Minecraft 1.19.22, this bug has been fixed. Evaluate this by going to the Deep Dark biome.

Deep Dark in Minecraft 1.19

There players can meet Warden, he is still the most dangerous mob and has become even more dangerous in this version.

Warden in Minecraft PE 1.19.2

Also, in general, the stability of the application has been improved and the teleportation range has been reduced for the Enderman. So earlier this creature could disappear when moving. Also, problems will not arise when deleting worlds.

Download Minecraft PE 1.19.22

Name Minecraft Bedrock
Version 1.19.22
OS Android
Producer Microsoft
Author Mojang
License Free
Xbox Live +
Size 161 МБ