Signs Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Signs Mod for Minecraft PE: make special buttons, when pressed, it will be possible to get an item or destroy enemies.

Signs Mod for Minecraft PE

Signs Mod for MCPE

In the world of Minecraft PE, there are many different opportunities to show your abilities in creativity or survival. Players can choose any activity that will allow them to have fun and an interesting time.

Unique Interface from Signs Mod for Minecraft PE

The creators of Signs Mod offer to try creating automated buttons, when pressed, the command specified by the player will be executed. The function of copying and deleting elements is also available in this add-on.

The creation process

To start the process of creating buttons, Minecraft PE players will need a sign made of any kind of wood, as well as a special item. The authors of Signs Mod called it a stick and it is in the inventory of the Creative Mode.

New Items from Signs Mod for Minecraft PE

Users can also get it using the give @s mctvid:clickable_sign_editor command. After the object is in the hand of the player, he will be able to open the menu. Here users can write text, and copy and delete various messages.

New Features from Signs Mod for Minecraft PE

A very convenient and fairly intuitive interface of Signs Mod will allow players to quickly and easily configure all the features and start checking the result. This will be a great experience in using automated systems.

Usage possibilities

Minecraft PE players can set any command that will be executed when the button on the plate is pressed. For example, it may be the receipt of an item. Also, in case of erroneous actions, players can program the system so that it informs the hero about this.

Import Menu from Signs Mod for Minecraft PE

In general, Signs Mod is incredibly user-friendly and absolutely every user can try to create something new. And, of course, this addition is perfect for those players who create various maps or others. Appreciate the new features and surprise your friends with an unusual item.

Delete Menu from Signs Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Signs Mod for Minecraft PE

Name Versions File
Signs Mod 1.18.0 – 1.19.50 Mod


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