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Cape Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Cape mod for Minecraft PE and feel like a true superhero!

Cape mod for Minecraft PE

Cape mod for Minecraft

Often, in all kinds of films on the theme of superheroes, it is possible to see cape on their backs. This makes them look more brutal.  Nowadays Minecraft PE players have every chance to get these cape using mods on cloaks. To do this, you need to install the required modification.

Obtaining a cape

After installing the cape mod for Minecraft PE, you need to start any world with it. Next, the player needs to make a snow-white flag. Subsequently, it is necessary to fight a little with spiders to get a thread from them.

Craft Recipe in Cape mod in Minecraft PE

And, in the end, the user needs to destroy a certain number of cows to get them from their skin. And from this leather, it is necessary to craft a jacket. And all this is needed to craft a cape in survival mode.

How to wear a cape?

After the player has crafted a cape in Minecraft PE, he needs to put it on the ground. By the way, the provided cape contains its fascinating animation. Next, you need to apply one rather simple action to put it on.

White Cape in Cape mod in Minecraft PE

It is enough just to come close to the cape, after which it will be on the player’s back. If you turn on the third-person game mode in Minecraft, then you can be sure that the cape is really on the user’s back.

Utility abilities

But this is not the end of all the outstanding qualities of the provided modification. The fact is that the player has the opportunity to decorate capes in Minecraft PE.

Ingredients in Cape mod in Minecraft PE

And for this, unique objects are needed, which makes it possible to create this.

Purple Cape in Cape mod in Minecraft PE

To apply the decoration on the cape, you need to take one of the decoration items n in your hand and hold it on the cape on the ground. After that, the cape will change its texture.

How to get rid of the raincoat?

The creator of this addon has also added the ability to remove the cape from the player’s back in Minecraft. To do this, you first need to craft a despawn wand. After that, with this wand, you must click on the cape.

Download Cape Mod for Minecraft PE


Name Versions File
Cape Mod 1.12.0 – 1.18.0 Download

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