Optifine Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

Download Optifine Texture Pack for Minecraft PE: get rid of braking and constant freezing of the gameplay and enjoy the game.

Optifine Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

Optifine textures for MCPE

Not everyone has the latest phone model. But everyone wants to play Minecraft PE. Agree, no one will like it if the game lags and freezes. Optifine textures will help eliminate all lags on players’ gadgets if there are any. And this significantly increases the speed of the gameplay.


The Optifine texture pack solves the issue of the constant freezing of the game during the loading of the Minecraft world. The gameplay is slowing down because the world has already loaded itself, and the generation of the animal world in the game is late.

The power of the gadget continues to be intensively spent on creating animals and inhabitants. The pack stretches these processes, thereby reducing the instant load on the Central Processing Unit and Random Access Memory.

Settings menu for Minecraft PE

After loading the Optifine Texture, an additional tab appears in the settings menu. Now the user of Minecraft PE can change the graphics for the better and the worse.

He can also completely change all game parameters. Updating a special function in the script occurs automatically. After installing the texture, the Minecraft player gets improved performance of the program code itself.

Optifine Adds for Minecraft PE

Among other things, shops and shaders have been added to the game. The removal of different entities is configured automatically and occurs a few minutes before the start of the game.
With the texture, the game will become updatable and very stable. The player will no longer experience freezes and other problems, even if the phone was incompatible with some graphics processes.

The following commands are also available to the player after loading textures:

  • /help 1 – help page
  •  /auto entity remover on – enable auto-deletion of entities
  • /auto entity remover off – turn off auto-deletion of entities

Download Optifine Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

Name Versions File
Optifine Texture Pack 1.16.0 – 1.19.30 Download

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