Ellie Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Ellie Mod for Minecraft PE: get a charming companion who can entertain the player and keep you company during a trip or other activities.

Ellie Mod for Minecraft PE

What is new in Ellie Mod?

There are many different living creatures in Minecraft PE. They are primarily divided into friendly or neutral and aggressive creatures. Depending on the type of their behavior, players can build relationships with them.

Some of the mobs can even be tamed and made into your pet. Also, the riding function is available to the heroes, horses or camels are perfect for this purpose. Ellie Mod offers a totally different version of the relationship, which will be more friendly and even romantic.


First of all, Minecraft PE players will immediately notice how much the girl differs from other mobs in the game. For example, robbers or villagers only vaguely resemble real people, but the main character Ellie Mod was created with maximum realism for this block world.

New Characters from Ellie Mod for Minecraft PE


She is very liberated and attractive, which is reflected in her clothes and appearance. As a rule, this beauty lives in an unusual building, similar to a chapel. Such buildings will spawn throughout the territory.

More Girls from Ellie Mod for Minecraft PE


Unusual features

To find out all the options for interacting with a new character in Ellie Mod, players need to approach the girl and click on the button that appears. After that, you can choose from three suggested phrases.

Inside of House from Ellie Mod for Minecraft PE

When a Minecraft PE player turns to a girl, she will immediately take action. You can also enter your version. It is worth noting that the beauty has a very capricious disposition and can refuse the player.

House of Girl from Ellie Mod for Minecraft PE

In this case, emeralds can help, which will need to be presented to a beautiful companion to melt her heart. Discover unique opportunities right now and get a loyal girlfriend who will accompany the hero in all adventures.

Dialogue from Ellie Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Ellie Mod for Minecraft PE

Name Versions File
Ellie 1.16.0 – 1.19.51 Download

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