Minecraft PE 1.21.0

Download Minecraft PE 1.21.0 apk free: discover underground Trial Chambers, find Cooper Bulbs, meet breeze, and try new blocks – Crafter and Trial Spawner!

Minecraft PE 1.21.0

Minecraft Bedrock 1.21.0: Discovering the Trail Chambers Update

With each update, the cubic world is changing more rapidly and next year the game will celebrate its fifteenth anniversary. On this occasion, there will be a lot of changes in the game space, but there are a lot of them in Minecraft 1.21.0.

Players will face new dangers that will make them fight for their lives again, as well as use unusual and very functional items for survival.


This is the name of a dangerous and very fast-moving mob in Minecraft PE 1.21.0. You can meet it in a new structure called Trial Chamber.

Breeze from Minecraft PE 1.21.0

In the dark corridors, players are waiting for dangers that will help them show their fighting abilities. The fact is that the developers decided to focus their attention on adventures and battles in the future.

Trial Chambers

The structure is located underground and consists of several locations where the difficulty level increases. The developer Mojang offers to explore the territory in multiplayer mode, so that together with friends, Minecraft 1.21.0 players improve their skills.

Trial Chamber from Minecraft PE 1.21.0

Inside the structure, players will not only meet Breeze, but also find many unusual blocks, some of which are very functional.

Redstone Update

Crafter is useful for every player who wants to spend his time more efficiently in the cubic world. This device will help in Minecraft PE 1.21.0 to automate the processes of obtaining items.

Crafter from Minecraft PE 1.21.0

Players can use this block with Redstone to simplify the process of creating different items in the game.

Copper Bulb

Another functional and useful block will be Copper Bulb. This object emits light and, depending on the degree of oxidation, it will shine brighter or vice versa.

Copper Bulb from Minecraft PE 1.21.0

To improve the properties, Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.21.0 players can clean it with an axe.


Now not only turtles are useful for players by shedding their strong shells, but also the winners of Mob Vote 2023 Armadillo.

Armadillo from Minecraft PE 1.21.0

This seemingly inconspicuous mob will not attack heroes, and you can meet it in Minecraft 1.21.0 in a hot savanna. Use his shields to create armor for tamed wolves. First, of course, they need to be tamed.

Download Minecraft 1.21.0

Name Minecraft Bedrock
Version 1.21.0
OS Android
Producer Microsoft
Author Mojang
License Free
Xbox Live +

Release is expected in 2024, but you can download 1.20 versions, which already have some upcoming updates available in experimental mode.