Camel Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Camel Mod for Minecraft PE: meet a very useful creature that can take the player and all the necessary things to any place in the cubic world.

Camel Mod for Minecraft PE

Camel Mod for MCPE

A new kind of animal that can be saddled will appear in Minecraft PE thanks to Camel Mod.

New Animals from Camel Mod for Minecraft PE

Players will have the opportunity to move around the cubic world faster and also take all the necessary things with them on a trip. Use new creatures to embark on a long journey right now.


This time, the developers have replaced the spawn egg, which previously created pigs with new creatures. New creatures in Minecraft PE are harmless and will never attack the player, but you should not offend them. The fact is that in this case they can take offense and spit at their player.

New Features from Camel Mod for Minecraft PE

By the way, various items may be needed on the way, and you also need to be able to transfer the resources found. In such a case, the authors of Camel Mod offer to evaluate the capabilities of a new animal.


Players can equip the animal with a roomy chest. To do this, there is a special Attach Chest button in Camel Mod.

It appears that a player with a chest in his hands approaches this animal. The capacity of the resulting item will be equal to 27 cells in which a sufficient number of items can be placed.

With Chest from Camel Mod for Minecraft PE

In order not to lose a new pet, it is recommended to use a leash. It can also be taken from the Creative Mode Inventory. Thus, the mob will always accompany the player on his travels through Minecraft PE.

New Animals

In the process of exploring Minecraft PE, players have to travel considerable distances. At the same time, considering that the speed of movement of the hero is not as fast as we would like, this takes quite a lot of time.

Riding on Camel from Camel Mod for Minecraft PE

The authors of Camel Mod offer to go on a trip riding this beautiful animal and evaluate its capabilities right now. In order to create this animal, go to the Creative Mode Inventory.

Amazing Mob from Camel Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Camel Mod for Minecraft PE

Name Versions File
Camel 1.2.0 – 1.19.50 Download
New Animals 1.16.0 – 1.19.50 Download

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