Bedwars Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

Download Bedwars Texture Pack for Minecraft PE: rate beds with bright pillows and treat yourself with cheerful potatoes.

Bedwar for Minecraft PE

Bedwars Texture Pack for MCPE

These Minecraft textures will like all fans of the world of Bed War. The author made changes to some of Steve’s equipment, edited the blocks, and also added creativity to the animals’ favorite treat – potatoes.

What’s new?

First of all, the changes affected the blocks. They added outlines in textures for Minecraft PE. The outlines on the edges of the block acquired brick blocks, wood, paving stones. The appearance of wool block which is used to create bedding components has also changed.

Blocks for Minecraft PE

When a Minecraft player destroys blocks, he will notice that the destruction design has been enlivened with emoticons. The author also changed the size of the pots for the effect of invisibility, as well as the amplitude of the jump. Now the user will be able to make jumps of greater strength.

Beds for Minecraft PE

As for weapons, with these textures, Steve gets shortened swords in Minecraft PE. This will significantly help him in the battle with enemies because the short sword is light and easy to use. Ideal for PVP.
The bow now changes the arrow color when pulled from red to green. Diamond armor now has a beautiful aquamarine hue.

Weapon for Minecraft PE

The author also did not ignore valuable minerals in textures for Minecraft. The main changes will meet the player when using iron, diamonds, gold, and emeralds. Iron and gold have become a clear rectangular shape, an emerald is now in the player’s arsenal in the form of a teardrop (who knows, maybe it’s an opponent’s tear), and diamonds have acquired the shape of a regular triangle.

Potato for Minecraft PE

When Steve wants to relax, he will see the updated design of beds in Minecraft PE. Emoticons with the image of joyful faces were added to the pillows. And another fun and original addition will meet the player in the face of potatoes. Yes, yes, in the face. The author added funny faces to baked potatoes, raw and poisonous potatoes.
Note: Ender’s Pearl has become brighter due to the updated aquamarine texture.

Download Bedwars Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

Name Versions File
Bedwars 1.16.0 – 1.19.30 Download

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