Rascal Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Rascal Mod for Minecraft PE: try to catch an elusive animal and in this case, it will give the player a music disc or other valuable item.

Rascal Mod for Minecraft PE

Best Rascal Mod

Quite a lot of time has passed since the appearance of the first mob in the cubic world. Steve is surrounded by various creatures, some of which can be extremely dangerous when they meet, and others can be tamed or somehow negotiated.

Harmless Creature from Rascal Mod for Minecraft PE

And now users have also got the opportunity to vote for the animal they like and thus influence how the gameplay will be in the future. And while the whole world is wondering who will appear soon in Minecraft PE, with the help of Rascal Mod there is an opportunity to dream a little.

Rascal and Llamas from Rascal Mod for Minecraft PE

New Creature

In this addition, creatures appear that are very similar to those announced by the developers. However, it will not be possible to consider them, because the speed of movement in Minecraft PE for these creatures is really impressive.

Try to Catch from Rascal Mod for Minecraft PE

But one thing is clear, these little pranksters who served as the basis of Rascal Mod are not as simple as it may seem at first glance. By the way, the reward is intended for the most dexterous players. Those who can catch the animal will receive one of the valuable things from this mob.


Another concept of Rascal Mod, which is presented for players, also offers to get acquainted with this creature, which is still unknown to the game world. This time he will completely copy the mechanics of the behavior of a traveling merchant.

New Creature from Rascal Mod for Minecraft PE

Therefore, when accessing it, you will see the Trade button, with which the menu will open. It will be possible to see the available goods and, if desired, exchange them.

More Features from Rascal Mod for Minecraft PE

For a new creature to appear in Minecraft PE, it will be enough to find a special egg in the Inventory of the Creative Mode or use a special command. In survival, this mob will not spawn yet.


Download Rascal Mod for Minecraft PE

Name Versions File
New Creature 1.18.0 –1.19.50 Download
Rascal Mod 1.18.0 –1.19.50 Mod


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