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Mutant Mod for Minecraft PE

Mutant Mods for MCPE

Download Mutant Mods  for Minecraft PE: discover the world of beasts, which you can meet naturally or by crossing.

Each Minecraft PE Mod brings something interesting: new features, mobs or items. Especially interesting are those additions that make significant changes to the appearance of ordinary mobs and change their behavior. Mutant Mods add new creatures based on classic Minecraft ones. The game will become much more difficult as mobs mutate, becoming stronger.

Demon Slayer Mod for Minecraft PE

Demon Slayer Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Demon Slayer Mod for Minecraft PE: plunge into the world of anime adventures and become one of the famous warriors who have no equal.

Herobrine Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Herobrine Mod for Minecraft PE: discover a new creature that will frighten everyone, get God’s sword to fight him.