Quark Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Quark Mod for Minecraft PE: study all the interior content, create unique houses and different structures, and enjoy your personal creations.

quark mod

Quark Mod for MCPE

The Quark mod is one of the most adaptable and multi-module in Minecraft. Game mechanisms have been improved; different emotions appeared in the world of blocks. Now Steve can sit on the stairs, waving both hands, and even turning his head. Decorative blocks and a unique roof look very natural. Steve can craft different things from any blocks in Minecraft.


Quark has advanced mechanisms automation, for example, a Minecraft PE user can automatically plant seeds in suitable soil, wheat in arable land, warts in the sand, etc.

seeds planting

Note: Obsidian pressure plates can be used to warn of an approaching creature. They trigger when players step on them.

Building Blocks

The Minecraft player can use building blocks for decoration. The blocks are made of tempered stained glass clay and straw.

building blocks

These blocks are great for making a beautiful roof and sugar cane blocks for bungalows. Also, Steve can find unburned bricks, granite bricks and ladders, diorite, andesite, new carved wood, fire lamp, and many other blocks in Minecraft PE.


Some functions have been changed in the Quark mod, for example, a Minecraft player can attach a weapon to a rack with armed armor. If Steve attaches the mob’s head to the player, it will start making the sound of the corresponding mob.


Minecraft PE users can get a constantly shining lamp by combining it with a Redstone torch. Rain sensors have been also added to Minecraft.

Emotions and animation

Quark mod adds animated emotions and cool animation to Minecraft PE: for example, Steve can wave, point, raise his hands, move his head, etc.


The mod is very diverse and won’t let Minecraft players get bored. The best solution for users who already think ordinary survival is dull but do not want to change the game beyond recognition.

Download Quark Mod for Minecraft PE

Versions File
1.16.0 – 1.19.0 Download

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