Wolf Armor Mod for Minecraft PE

Download wolf armor mods for Minecraft PE and protect your loyal friend from evil enemies!

Wolf Armor mod for Minecraft PE

Wolf Armor Mod for Minecraft

Often, while traveling through the cube world, players encounter wolves. They can be trained using a bone, after which this mob will help the user, fighting hostile creatures. However, the disadvantage of wolves is that they die very easily. A great solution would be a modification that will allow them to wear armor in Minecraft.

More Wolf

This addon consists of 2 skins for wolves and a brand-new personalizable armor concept.

More Wolves in Wolf Armor mod in Minecraft PE

The brand-new wolfs generate guidelines are the same as vanilla wolfs and use the very same population, which means that where vanilla wolfs generate, brand-new wolfs might spawn too.

Equipped Wolf in Wolf Armor mod in Minecraft PE

There is only one version of the armor, but it is strong enough for your wolves.  You can individualize the armor with Minecraft dyes. Some actions with wolves are also available:

Action Description
Tame and food The tame is the same, with bones. And the new wolf eats the like vanilla wolfs.
Child Rules To get brand-new skin infant wolfs, you have to breed two new skins wolfs. You can not get a baby from a vanilla wolf and a new wolf.
Equip You need to ride a tamed wolf, open his stock, and put a horse iron armor to gear up the armor in Minecraft. And the armor with red skin default will appear. You can eliminate the horse iron armor and have the typical skin again.
Change Color To individualize the armor color, interact with the color you want with an armored wolf. Same as you altering the collar color.

The behavior of brand-new wolfs the same as vanilla wolves.

Wolf Armor and Storage

The Wolf Armor and Storage mod has a wide variety of wolf armor in Minecraft.

HP Indicator in Wolf Armor mod in Minecraft PE

Here the player can even use copper armor, which rusts over time.

Copper Armor in Wolf Armor mod in Minecraft PE

Additionally, the modification includes leather armor that protects the wolf from freezing. This addition also provides for the ability to store things at the wolf.

Download Wolf Armor Mod for Minecraft PE

Name Versions File
More Wolf 1.14.0 – 1.18.2 Download
Wolf Armor and Storage 1.17.0 – 1.18.2 Download

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