Apocalyptic City Map for Minecraft PE

Download Apocalyptic City Map for Minecraft PE: wrecked structures and a blown-up tower await you!

Apocalyptic City in Minecraft PE

Apocalyptic City Map for MCPE

Many people are familiar with post-apocalyptic films, in which the heroes must survive in an entirely new world. And the majority of people have at some once wished to be in such an environment, to walk through empty streets. This is an option available for Minecraft PE players. They can download this map and fully appreciate this universe.


In Apocalyptic World Minecraft PE, a player appears as around 2-3 skyscrapers in the water. He must carefully go along the cliff’s edge and reach the land. In front of him, a picture of a wholly abandoned location would arise.

Greenhouses in Apocalyptic City in Minecraft PE

Many dilapidated towers will be in danger of collapsing at any time. As weird as it may sound, skyscrapers contain a significant amount of ice in addition to quartz.

Protective structures

This city in Minecraft PE had good defensive constructions once upon a time:

Construction Description
Dam Both invasions and floods are hampered by it. However, it is no longer usable. Iron blocks make up the dam, which can be advantageous for survival in an apocalyptic city.
Tower Another defensive construction in Minecraft PE, this time on the outskirts of town. What was in this tower is unknown because there was absolutely little remained of it.

Residential complexes

In Minecraft PE, you can reach the abandoned apartment complexes by turning right from the starting point.

Houses in Apocalyptic City in Minecraft PE

Families used to dwell in these homes, but there is now absolutely little evidence of them. Only a few damaged artifacts and chests can be found in various locations.

Download Apocalyptic City Map for Minecraft PE

Name Versions File
Apocalyptic City 1.4.0 – 1.18.2 Download

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