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Education Edition Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Education Edition Mod for Minecraft PE: study the Chemistry, create new substances using the elements from the periodic table.

Education Edition Mod in Minecraft PE

Minecraft Education Edition Mod

The long-awaited Education Edition Mod for Minecraft PE, which has been waiting for everyone for a very long time, allows players to learn science without looking up from their favorite games.

On November 1, 2016, the developers of Mojang Studios officially presented this add-on for the computer version, for the rest of the editions, the release occurred in September 2018.

At the moment, only the study of chemistry is available to the users.


Minecraft PE Education Edition Mod is an example of the fact that this computer game has long gone beyond simple digital entertainment. This is a whole educational initiative prepared by Mojang to help students and schoolchildren master the material much better in remote learning.

Chemistry Education Edition Mod for Minecraft PE

With the built-in tools, users can create entire virtual classrooms to conduct lessons on almost any topic in all relevant subjects. This is a constantly evolving virtual space that will definitely not be superfluous for people who want to learn new skills while remaining in their usual comfort zone.

How do I turn on the Chemistry Study Mode?

To activate chemical updates, no installation is required. It is enough to create a new world and activate the experimental game mode.

Chemistry Elements in Education Edition Mod for Minecraft PE

Note: The supported version is not lower than Minecraft PE 1.2.20.

All the main processes are carried out on four tables in the Education Edition Mod. They are not available for crafting in the survival mode, in the creative mode, they are next to each other.

Compound Creator

As the name implies, this table has its direct purpose of constructing substances and using the periodic table.

Compound Creator in Education Edition Mod for Minecraft PE

For the creator to work correctly, a Minecraft PE user should specify the number of electrons, protons, and neutrons correctly.

Element Constructor

This chemical device of the Education Edition Mod is designed to create more complex compounds in contrast to the Compound Creator.

Elemeny Constructor in Education Edition Mod for Minecraft PE

The principle of operation is no different from the work of a regular workbench: the Minecraft PE user adds the necessary substances and as a result, receives new and sometimes unusual chemical elements.

Laboratory Table

This table is the most interesting in the Education Edition Mod because a Minecraft PE user can create magical transformations on it.

Ballon Machine in Education Edition Mod for Minecraft PE

From individual substances, he can get radically different compounds and create incredible objects, such as gel balloons, and torches that can burn even in water.

Material Reducer

The functionality is very similar to a laboratory table, but the principle of operation is exactly the opposite. All created substances in the Education Edition Mod can be separated and go back a step.

Material Reducer in Education Edition Mod for Minecraft PE

For example, the water on this table can be split into hydrogen and oxygen again. And these elements in their pure form can be combined again and get water or used to create some other things.

Note: This table is very irreplaceable because it allows a Minecraft PE user to fix errors quickly if the first attempt to do everything correctly failed.

What does an atom consist of?

Before starting experiments using the Education Edition Mod, it is very important to repeat how to find out the number of electrons, neutrons, and protons in an atom.

  • The number of protons is reflected in the atomic number of the element;
  • The number of electrons is equal to the number of protons;
  • The number of neutrons is not equal to the atomic mass. Atomic mass is the atomic number of an element.

Instrumental in Education Edition Mod for Minecraft PE

Chemicals can be obtained in Minecraft PE in two ways: artificial and natural. The element designer provides an artificial way of obtaining, and with the help of disconnectors, substances can be obtained naturally.

Note: The easiest way is to simply take all the substances from the inventory slots.

Download Education Edition Mod for Minecraft PE

Name Versions File
Education Edition 1.17.0 – 1.19.30 Download

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