SCP Mod for Minecraft PE

Download SCP Mod for Minecraft PE: get into the famous laboratory, use unique weapons, and try to survive after meeting terrible monsters.

SCP Mod for Minecraft PE

What is new in SCP Mod?

This update is based on a story in which a fictional laboratory contains terrible creatures. It turned out that there are quite a lot of fans of this Universe among Minecraft PE users and the authors of SCP Mod decided to combine it with the cubic world.

Items and Characters from SCP Mod for Minecraft PE

Now scientists, incredible technologies, and the most incredible creatures will be ready to meet the bravest heroes. They will have at their disposal a variety of weapons and equipment that will help in the fight against evil spirits.


This incredibly large-scale addition for SCP Mod will allow Minecraft PE players to plunge into the world of abnormal creatures and try to defeat them. It is worth noting that the variety of new mobs is amazing.

SCP-053 from SCP Mod for Minecraft PE

Some will be quite weak, like 053. This monster looks like an ordinary little girl, but if the player hits her, it will be fatal for him. Quite friendly creatures such as 999 can also be encountered on the path of the hero. It is made of jelly and makes funny sounds, and will also impose a protection and saturation effect on the player.

Female Researcher from SCP Mod for Minecraft PE

But such monsters as 096 or 106 are best avoided because they can destroy any blocks in an attempt to get to the victim, and also have a huge reserve of health and cause up to 10,000 units of damage.


First of all, it is worth noting that in addition to a large number of the most diverse monsters that appear thanks to this addition for SCP Mod, the world of Minecraft PE will be replenished with various buildings and unusual structures.

Chaos Leader from SCP Mod for Minecraft PE

In them, players will be able to find many useful items and unique weapons. Among them will be firearms, explosives, lasers, and much more. The authors managed to work out each copy in as much detail as possible.

Machine Gun from SCP Mod for Minecraft PE

Download SCP Mod for Minecraft PE

Name Versions File
Foundation 1.13.0 –1.18.0 Download
Collaboration 1.16.0 –1.18.0 Download

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