Fallen Kingdom Map for Minecraft PE

Download Fallen Kingdom Map for Minecraft PE: explore a unique area that used to be a huge amusement park.

Fallen Kingdom Map for Minecraft PE

What is interesting in Fallen Kingdom Map?

Fallen Kingdom Map is a location that combines a medieval style and an amusement park where real dinosaurs lived. The authors managed to recreate in detail all the buildings and the surrounding space.

Entrance from Fallen Kingdom Map for Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE players can have fun with friends, arranging themed games or just exploring a fairly extensive territory.  A lot of interesting adventures and exciting moments await everyone who installs this update.

Visit an abandoned medieval castle and walk around the surrounding area, this adventure will be remembered for a long time.

Fallen Kingdom

In ancient times, this location was a huge amusement park where visitors could see real dinosaurs with their own eyes. It is located on a separate island, but now this area is completely deserted and the players will be completely alone on it.

Building from Fallen Kingdom Map for Minecraft PE

But despite the abandonment, the heroes of Minecraft PE will have something to see and do. Take a walk along the main street or deep into it and appreciate the full power of the famous volcano. In any case, Fallen Kingdom Map is perfect for both playing with friends and for solo exploration.

Be sure to visit all the buildings, because there are a lot of interesting things hidden in them.

Castle Ruins

Medieval buildings have always attracted many adventurers. This time Minecraft PE players will be able to explore four abandoned towers at once. The territory is surrounded by a dense forest, where the heroes are also waiting for a lot of discoveries and adventures.

Village from Fallen Kingdom Map for Minecraft PE

This update for Fallen Kingdom Map will allow users to plunge into the world of ancient stories. But the main event can be a visit to a real castle, where the heroes can find incredible treasures. Rather, download this add-on and evaluate all its features.

Top View from Fallen Kingdom Map for Minecraft PE

Download Fallen Kingdom Map for Minecraft PE

Name Versions File
Fallen Kingdom 1.16.0 – 1.20.51 Download
Castle Ruins 1.16.0 – 1.20.51 Download

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