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Origins Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Origins Mod for Minecraft PE: discover interesting abilities that will help you move to a new level of the game.

Origins Mod for Minecraft PE

Origins Mod for MCPE

Would you like to be able to become invisible, not burn in lava, have the ability to fly, breathe underwater, and do other cool things? Origins Mod gives the player a lot of useful features and abilities in the Minecraft PE game world.

Now, before entering the new world, you will have to choose your “origin”. Depending on it, you will receive various bonuses and negative effects that will affect your entire future game.

Minecraft PE Origins Mod Server

The Minecraft Origins Mod addons present more than 10 unique races to the game, including an ordinary person. Each race has special abilities and vulnerabilities. Each element gives the hero certain advantages, but for balance, the author also included negative properties.

Choose Classes in Origins Mod for Minecraft PE

When launching a new Minecraft PE world with the Origins add-on activated, the player will be greeted with a dialog box with a selection and description of races.

NOTE: Right on the spawn, there will be a chest of the Nether with all the amplifiers. There is also a book with descriptions. You need to take any desired item and you can start survival.


There are very interesting races included in the Minecraft Origins Mod Bedrock:

  • Enderian: teleports the Edges with pearls, even if they are not in the inventory; makes Steve vulnerable to the water damage;
  • Merling: allows Steve to see, breathe, mine blocks and swim quickly underwater; it won’t work to breathe air;

Enderman in Origins Mod for Minecraft PE

  • Phantom: invisibility; makes the player fast to starve, and take damage from the sun without invisibility; reduces health to 3 units;
  • Elytrian: permanent elites with the ability to jump high up every 30 seconds; Steve can’t wear a bib, in rooms with a low ceiling, he gets slowed down and weak;

Elytra in Origins Mod for Minecraft PE

  • Blazeborn: immunity to fire, lava, and hunger; start of the game in the Lower World, water damage;
  • Avian: constant slow fall, increased speed; the player can’t eat meat;
  • Arachnid: can climb flat walls, can capture creatures in a web every 30 seconds; the Minecraft PE user can only eat meat, health is less than 3 hearts;

Merling in Origins Mod for Minecraft PE

  • Slime: increased jump, the player decreases instead of losing health; increased exhaustion and reduced speed;
  • Shulk: more slots, natural protection; he can’t use shields, rapid depletion;
  • Feline: increased jump when sprinting, night vision; less damage and health;

Feline in Origins Mod for Minecraft PE

  • Bumblebee: can fly, saturate and regenerate from colors, can put poison on enemies around and also on himself; health is less than 5 hearts, can’t eat everything in a row, slowing down and weak in the rain;
  • Kitsune: when using the sneak button for 4 seconds, it becomes invisible, runs fast, the sneak button increases the jump, the sneak button and looking down will give 9 inventory slots, night vision; 6 hearts, constant hunger, can’t use shields;

Fire Protection in Origins Mod for Minecraft PE

  • Slimecican: 3 stages, starts with the second one; at death, he loses a stage, and if he eats a ball of slime, he will get a new stage, each stage adds a jump; immunity to fall damage; each stage adds slowdowns in the rain, doubled fire or lava damage;
  • Inchling: the size is four times smaller than usual, immune to fall damage, can crawl; 5 hearts of health.

Conduit Power in Origins Mod for Minecraft PE

How to install the Origins Mod in Minecraft?

Instructions on how to download the Origins Mod Minecraft are very simple. Just click on the link in the article below.

In the game settings, find the folder with the file and activate it pressing the necessary button.

After downloading all the necessary files, the game will start. In the “Mods” tab, the user can confirm the successful installation of the Origins Mod Minecraft Bedrock.

Download Origins Mod for Minecraft PE

Name Versions File
Origins Plus 1.17.0 –1.19.50 Download
Origins 1.3.4 1.18.0 –1.19.50 Download

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