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Download Minecraft Legends: save the virtual world from attacks, find new unexpected friends, and defeat evil creatures!

Minecraft Legends Game

Minecraft Legends Features: Explore a Storied Land

Many users have been waiting for the release of this game for a long time. The developers from Mojang teamed up with Blackbird Interactive and created a prequel to the well-known story in the action genre.

Minecraft Legend answers players’ questions about where in their world there are so many destroyed portals in the Nether dimension and why piglins are aggressive towards other characters. In order to successfully complete the mission, players need to think well about the strategy of behavior.

Resources from Minecraft Legends Game

PC edition owners, as well as Xbox and Nintendo fans, will be able to explore the new world.


The developers at Minecraft Legend decided to tell a story about how creatures from the Nether dimension invaded Otherworld to seize power.

Mobs from Minecraft Legends Game

To defeat aggressive mobs, players will have to make friends with those who are usually the enemy of the main character. For example, zombies and skeletons will no longer be so aggressive. Besides, there are some new creatures that can help players.


Biomes in Minecraft Legends will amaze players with their beauty and different landscapes. There are many resources on the territory that will help the player survive and save Otherworld.

Territory from Minecraft Legends Game

By choosing the right strategy, the user will be able to create a safe place for himself and his friends so as not to be attacked by monsters.


The main features of Minecraft Legends are that the player does not have to save the world alone. Using the multiplayer mode, it is possible to defeat piglins together with friends.

Abilities from Minecraft Legends Game

To move around the world, the developers offer players to ride horses. Many other familiar actions are also available to the characters.

Download Minecraft Legends

Name Minecraft Legends
Version Explore a Storied Land
Producer Microsoft
Author Mojang
License Free
Xbox Live +
Size 188 Kb
How to install 1. Click rune-minecraft.legends.iso
2. Run the installer Setup.exe
3. Copy contents of Rune directory to installdir