Zebra Shaders for Minecraft PE

Download Zebra Shaders for Minecraft PE: a completely updated space, thanks to improved graphics and smooth transitions of color and shadow.Zebra Shaders for Minecraft PE

What is new in Zebra Shaders?

The developers are trying their best to improve the appearance of the cubic world and give it a new and more natural look. The authors of Zebra Shaders managed to do something that at first glance might seem impossible.Nature from Zebra Shaders for Minecraft PE

Taking into account the small costs of the device itself, they created such an update for Minecraft PE, which can completely change the entire space around the hero. Improved lighting, which will become softer, as well as animation of trees, will create a realistic atmosphere.

And the graphics in general can impress players with the elaboration of each element.

Main Features

As soon as the player enters a new world, he will be able to notice that the trees have animation. Now the leaves are moving in time, which creates an incredibly realistic atmosphere in Minecraft PE from the first minutes. The authors of Zebra Shaders have created a beautiful space in which the sky has acquired beautiful colors and shades, and the lighting has become softer and richer.Sunset from Zebra Shaders for Minecraft PE

Smooth transitions create a very organic look of everything that surrounds the player. Improved shadows give the impression of a completely realistic picture. At night, the territory is illuminated by bright stars and the moon, and during the day the bright sun has acquired a rounded shape.Night Sky from Zebra Shaders for Minecraft PE


It is worth noting that all changes are optimized in such a way that they can work on any device. This will make the game process not only incredibly realistic but also as stable as possible.Forest from Zebra Shaders for Minecraft PE

Zebra Shaders allow you to take a fresh look at graphics in Minecraft PE. It will transform the entire surrounding space. This becomes possible thanks to the full elaboration of all transitions between light and shadows.

The lighting will delight the players with the softness and saturation of each element.

Beautiful Sky from Zebra Shaders for Minecraft PE


Download Zebra Shaders for Minecraft PE

Name Versions File
Zebra Shaders 1.14.0 – 1.19.30 Download

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