Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE use bamboo to build almost anything from Hanging Signs or a raft to a full-fledged building.


Minecraft Bamboo and New items

Thanks to the constant monitoring of errors and their timely correction, the cubic world maintains stable popularity among users. In Minecraft PE, players once again get a chance to go on an exciting journey through boundless space.

Moreover, innovations are waiting for almost every step. For example, a crash that occurred during the teleportation of players and mobs to other dimensions has now been fixed. Also, the bells will no longer break if a block is installed above or below them.

New Mob in Minecraft

Camels have received a lot of rave reviews from users since their first appearance. The fact is that these animals are almost ideal as a pet: they are easy to tame and keep.

Camel from Minecraft 1.20

At the same time, they are also an excellent means of moving around the territory. The good news of Minecraft for players will be that these mobs can once again overcome high obstacles.


The previously rarely used plant is now of enormous importance because the scope of its application is incredibly extensive. Players can create blocks, ladders, and steps from these raw materials and build a beautiful building.

Bamboo Blocks from Minecraft 1.20

And if you want to go fishing, then a bamboo raft is perfect for such purposes. It is quite roomy and easy to use. In addition, in Minecraft PE, developers have removed black lines along the edges of bamboo gates and fences.

Raft from Minecraft 1.20


The newest items in the game are Chiseled Bookshelf, which can now store the player’s books and become a real home decoration.

Chiseled Bookshelfs from Minecraft 1.20

Another new item is Hanging Signs, to create them you will need only 2 chains and several blocks of any kind of wood. By the way, in Minecraft PE, plaques made of Bamboo and Mangrove raw materials are correctly displayed in the Inventory.

Hanging Signs from Minecraft 1.20

Download Minecraft PE

Name Minecraft Bedrock
OS Android
Producer Microsoft
Author Mojang
License Free
Xbox Live +
Size 161 МБ