Pet Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Pet Mod for Minecraft PE: diversify your life with cute pets that will become your friends and follow you everywhere.


Pet Mod for MCPE

With these mods, the Minecraft PE player has different animals that will add fun to the blocky world. By the way, in the game, he can tame not only well-known parrots and dogs but even tigers. All animals have wonderful animation and defeat the owner in incredible adventures.


This mod adds a tiger to Minecraft. But this is not an ordinary tiger to be feared. New features will allow Steve to tame the tiger and he will follow the player everywhere, protecting him from enemies. In the game menu, the tiger mod replaces the pig.
Note: Only baby tigers can be tamed.

Tiger for MCPE

The behavior of a tiger is similar to a wolf in Minecraft PE. However, outbreaks of animal aggression are unprovable and uncontrolled. If the player does not want to put himself in danger, he needs to be very careful and monitor the mood of the tiger.
Note: to speed up the tiger’s growth, feed him meat more often than usual.

Inventory Pets

This mod adds a variety to the world of pets. 31 animals have been added. The Minecraft player must understand that every animal requires attention and care. If Steve doesn’t have time to feed and take care of everyone, then they’ll just trash the house. The player can have several pets at once, the main thing is to have time to feed and spend time with everyone.

Inventory-Pets for Minecraft PE

The more he takes care of them, the more benefit they will bring. It’s about the abilities they have. Each animal has its own unique abilities, which will be revealed if the owner tames the animal. The Minecraft player will surely like the idea of walking on walls and lava without danger to health.

Domestic Pets

This mod has many types of animals in the game: from fish to different breeds of dogs. Also, in addition to the variety of animals, the Minecraft PE player gets food and various decorative elements with which he can diversify the pets’ life. Steve can arrange a booth for a watchdog, aquariums with goldfish, cages for parrots.

Domestic pet for Minecraft PE

To tame an animal, a user needs to stock up on their favorite food. So, a rabbit will become Steve’s pet if he offers him a carrot, and parrots are not averse to eating sunflower seeds. All animals live peacefully within the blocky world of Minecraft PE. To add a new animal, Steve can go on an incredible and exciting adventure.

Download Pet Mod for Minecraft PE

Name Versions File
Tiger 1.2.0 – 1.19.30 Download
Inventory Pets 1.12.0 – 1.19.30 Download
Domestic Pets 1.14.0 – 1.19.30 Download

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