Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE Use the improved touch controls and appreciate the expanded selection of skins for the player.


Minecraft Camels and Bamboo Blocks

The developers invite all users in Minecraft PE to use new items, get acquainted with unusual mobs, and explore the changing cubic world.

The Spectator Mode has become fully available to players, which will allow them to gain experience from other players and watch the game in real time.


Bamboo appeared among the materials for construction in Minecraft PE This resource has several advantages, including a variety of use cases and the simplest possible way of extraction.

Bamboo Blocks from Minecraft 1.20

Players can also create blocks, slabs, or boards from it. Build a bookshelf and hanging signs, as well as build a real raft for traveling on water.


The uniqueness of the living space can be given by new Hanging Signs. These items are available to create from absolutely any kind of wood. They can be placed even on narrow blocks, such as fences. In this case, the support will be centered.

Hanging Signs from Minecraft 1.20

To keep their books intact and even create a secret passage in the wall, players can use Chiseled Bookshelf in Minecraft This functional element of the interior will decorate any room.

Chiseled Bookshelfs from Minecraft 1.20


Traveling in cubic space will be even more interesting with the new riding animal, which has become available in Minecraft PE Camels are very hardy and can easily overcome long distances and even jump over fences and other obstacles.

Camel from Minecraft 1.20

In this version, the developers also report that mobs can not only walk but also run or even race.

Raft from Minecraft 1.20

And if there is a large body of water on the way, then the heroes can overcome it on a raft. This item is available to create from bamboo. Convenience and ease of use will make such a trip unforgettable and comfortable.

Download Minecraft PE

Name Minecraft Bedrock
OS Android
Producer Microsoft
Author Mojang
License Free
Xbox Live +
Size 181 МБ