Mech Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Mech Mod for Minecraft PE: move to different directions of the game world at high speed and protect the house using a tank.

Mech Mod for Minecraft PE

Mech Mod for MCPE

These mods will bring variety to the Minecraft gameplay. The transport is diverse: from an ordinary bulldozer to a police car. Each vehicle has its own unique features. So, driving at high speeds is available with a car, a bulldozer is an excellent assistant in construction, and a tank will provide round-the-clock security for Steve and his home.


Even users with low-level devices will be able to activate this modification with all the advantages and features without any problems.

Police car for Minecraft PE
Note: For activation of all functions of a police car, it is necessary to fill it with gasoline.
The Police Car mod is perfect not only for creativity but also for survival. The light that the headlights and the flashing light emit will easily scare away all evil spirits at night.


To automatically start generating a road with the Road Builder mod, the player needs to get behind the wheel of a huge bulldozer. However, the roads will not be cheap, as in real life: a Minecraft user will have to provide transport with expensive blocks to build a beautiful road.

Bulldozer for Minecraft PE
The bulldozer fashion has very important features. The first is the crafting system. Secondly, its ability to refuel. This means that the bulldozer is ideal for both creativity and survival mode.


The world of Minecraft PE is full of all sorts of hostile creatures. They are trying to kill the player every second and take all his things. With the tank mod, Steve can forget the problem of dangerous mobs forever.

Tank for Minecraft PE
Two blue and red tanks appear in the game. They are ideal for multiplayer mode. The Minecraft player needs to pay attention to the replacements in the inventory menu. Tanks replace the slots of the wanderer and the desiccant skeleton.
Note: To shoot from this tank, you need to pick up the pearl of the wanderer of the Edge and throw it.

Download Mech Mod for Minecraft PE

Name Versions File
Tanks 1.1.0 – 1.19.30 Download
Police Car 1.1.0 – 1.19.30 Download
Road Builder 1.18.0 –1.19.30 Download

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