Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE explore the new abilities of the Sniffer, evaluate the corrected errors, and get the opportunity to go in search of ancient objects.

Minecraft PE

Minecraft Trails & Tales

Thanks to the efforts of the developers of Mojang Studios and their close attention to the gameplay, the cubic world steadily retains its popularity among users.

For example, in Minecraft PE, it is proposed to search among the sands not only for valuable resources but also ancient artifacts.  And the structures now store not only treasures but also very unusual items with which you can decorate your armor.


The search for antiquities in the real world is not available to everyone, besides, this process is very complicated and boring. In Minecraft, things are quite different. The fact is that only one item will be enough for players to start searching for valuable fragments.

Archaeology from Minecraft PE

By the way, the place of their search is also not so difficult to find, it is enough to find a Temple in the desert and there will certainly be an excavation site next to it. Archaeology can so captivate a player that he will forget about battles and other activities.

Brush from Minecraft PE

New Mob in Minecraft PE

A very strange and unusual inhabitant of cubic spaces appeared in the game becoming the winner of the user vote. This new mob hatches from an egg, and now in Minecraft PE, this process is accompanied by an original sound.

Sniffer for Minecraft PE

When meeting with him, players can not worry about their lives, since this is an peaceful creature. Sniffer will never cause any harm to anyone. In the places where it lives, many new flowers will grow, such as Torchflower and Pitchers.

Tourchflower from Minecraft PE

Using Templates

Previously, such items have never been available to players, which is why in Minecraft, users have a special interest in Templates. You can find them in various structures, including in the recently appeared Ruins of Trails.

Smithing Template from Minecraft PE

Use these objects to decorate your equipment with beautiful drawings.


Download Minecraft PE

Name Minecraft Bedrock
OS Android
Producer Microsoft
Author Mojang
License Free
Xbox Live +
Size 161 МБ