The Wings Mod for Minecraft PE

Download The Wings Mod for Minecraft PE: get the opportunity to fly and explore the fields of the game.The Wings Mod

The Wings Mod for MCPE

The Wings Mod will like every user of Minecraft PE who wants to fly. Just install this Mod and get real wings.Wicked Wings 

Wearing them, a player will soar through the sky like a bird, an angel, and even a vampire. Everything is very convenient and easy.


Cars are not the fastest transport for moving around cubic worlds. The Wings Mod adds six pairs of wings to fly in survival mode in Minecraft PE: each pair has different textures and shapes.

This armor element is made from rare magical resources. A user can choose the one he likes and create it using crafting recipes. It is not difficult to make them, the main thing is to follow the instructions.Vampire Wings

For example, in Minecraft 1.12.2 wings are created from a new mineral and blood of a bat, and in 1.16.5 wings are created using a potion maker. To do this, a user needs a smooth drop potion and one of the items, such as dandelion, slime, bone, feather, skin. To remove the wings, the player must drink a vial of bat blood.


All sets have the same characteristics, but different designs. A player can customize them for himself in Minecraft. The character does not have a fatigue scale, so a user flies as much as he wants. However, new equipment may wear off. To fix the wings, the player needs magic pollen.Small Fallen Angel Wings

Note: Fairy Dust can be found in caves. The player needs it to fix the wings on the anvil.


Before, Minecraft PE users could fly using elytra to fly. But the elites do not allow you to rise, but only to glide through the air. For the flight, it was necessary to create fireworks.

Fashionable wings give more opportunities. In any wings in Minecraft, Steve can fly through a hole equal to one block. If he turns off the flight mode in the air, he will still not fall: the wings will not break, they will slow down the flight and help to land smoothly.Small Angel Wings

Flying with wings is a very useful feature for the user of Minecraft PE. Now the player can jump from huge mountains and just soar through the sky. Landing the ground without damaging health. Moving between different houses and parts of the map is much easier and more convenient than just running and getting caught in the eye of an enemy.

When the character is in the air, no one will get him. Each element has its animations, model, and unique textures. The Wings Mod works even in survival mode without using commands.

Download the Wings Mod for Minecraft PE

Name Versions File
The Wings Mod 1.16.0 –1.18.0 Download
The Wings Mod Texture 1.16.0 –1.18.0 Download

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