Prismarina Aquarium Map for Minecraft PE

Download Prismarina Aquarium Map for Minecraft PE: explore the amazing aquarium that the author has been creating for several months. Users will appreciate the creator’s work because everything is thought out to the smallest detail.

prismarina aquarium

Prismarina Aquarium Map for Minecraft PE

The map is a huge indoor aquarium in Minecraft PE. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail here. The author added many interesting attributes: coral displays, figures of sea guards in the lobby and at the entrance, glass tunnels, aquariums with turtles, and other marine animals are waiting for the tourists in Minecraft.


The aquarium itself consists of two floors in Minecraft PE. There are different thematic zones on each of the floors. On the ground floor, there is an Aquatic Bar & Grill restaurant where Steve can refresh himself with fresh seafood.

Also at the entrance to the aquarium, there is a huge aquarium with various marine animals and beautiful plants in Minecraft. The peculiarity of this aquarium is that it is located around the perimeter of the lobby. It is made entirely of transparent glass, so the view is accessible from any side of the hall.

first floor
On the second floor, a Minecraft PE player can visit an exhibition of sea turtles or just sit in the recreation area and enjoy the silence watching fish swimming in aquariums between marine tropical plants.

second floor

Also on the second floor, be sure to find an aquarium, which is located right in the floor.
Note: To climb to the second floor, a Minecraft player can use a column of bubbles.

souvenirs shop
Leaving the aquarium, a Minecraft PE player should definitely look into a souvenir shop and buy memorable gifts for himself and his friends. The store is located next to the sea turtle exhibit. And if a Minecraft player decides to stay overnight, then an amazing deep-sea adventure awaits him.

Download Prismarina Aquarium Map for Minecraft PE

Name Versions File
 Prismarina Aquarium 1.16.0 – 1.19.30 Download

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