Connected Glass Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

Download Connected Glass Texture Pack for Minecraft PE: decorate your buildings with huge panoramic glazing, look into clean windows without streaks and stains.

Connected glass textures for Minecraft PE

Connected Glass Texture Pack for MCPE

The most common desire of all Minecraft fans is to have textures so that blocks like glass look more natural and now it is available with Connected Glass textures. With this texture pack, your glass blocks will look like real ones if they are placed next to each other.

What’s new?

All the glass blocks have been modified in Minecraft PE to look like real ones. Even the ordinary glass block has been changed. Unlike many other borderless glass bags, the author of the package also removed glare. This effect is achieved by removing the border at the edge of the block.

Glass blocks for Minecraft PE

Note: The effect also applies to stained glass blocks.

An experienced Minecraft player knows that if two blocks of glass are placed side by side, a frame is formed between the first and second block, which not only worsens the appearance but also spoils the design. The addition allows you to remove these frames, which significantly transforms the view. Besides the fact that it looks beautiful, it also adds realism.

Frames for MCPE

Note: The textures do not replace the vanilla glass.

Textures were first created for the Java version of the game, but then they were transferred to the pocket version. They allow a Minecraft player to increase the resolution of the image, which makes the picture more realistic than before. Another good feature is that the original Minecraft theme does not change.

Window view for MCPE

The textures installation is very simple. To do this, a Minecraft user has to open the texture file with any file manager. The game opens automatically. The player will only need to activate the textures in the list of available ones.

Note: To activate in the settings of the world, you must enable the option of creating a holiday and Additional modding features. These glasses automatically connect to each other, removing annoying frames between the blocks.

Download Connected Glass Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

Name Versions File
Connected Glass 1.2.0 – 1.19.30 Download

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