Minecraft PE

Download for free Minecraft PE Wild Update for Android: find mud in the Mangrove Swamp, descend into the Dark Depths and find the Warden in the Ancient City.

Download Minecraft PE

Minecraft Wild Update

The long-awaited version of Minecraft is available for download, in which the Warden and the Ancient City were added. This is one of the most important updates this year, which many players have been waiting for. Thanks to a new creature that will inhabit the Dark Depths, players will receive a large number of new mechanics.

The new creature can interact with the Sculk blocks and will be guided only by the vibrations that the player creates. Since the Warden lives in places with practically no light, he has adapted to this, and now he does not need eyes to find a victim.

The Warden

This is a new creature that Steve can meet in the new version of Minecraft PE He will live deep underground, in the new Dark Depths biome. He can move silently. His main landmarks in the search for enemies are vibrations and an impeccable nose.

Warden in Minecraft PE

The beautiful blue color makes him almost invisible in the dark. Before attacking, the Warden lets out a deafening roar. When he is attacking, even the strongest shield is broken.

The Ancient City

This is a new location that will only appear in the Dark Depths biome. It is a ruined city built of blocks of stone. Here the Minecraft player can find untold treasures or his death.

Ancient City in Minecraft PE1.18

The city conceals ancient secrets and untold riches, which are guarded by sensors and alarms. Here Steve can find a new Reinforced Slate block.

Note: The new block can be found only in the creative mode.

Mangrove Swamps

These territories in Minecraft PE are full of mangrove trees. There are also a lot of mud blocks and mud bricks, which can serve as an additional resource for building.

Mangrove Swamp in Minecraft PE 1.19

By the way, mud blocks have realistic sounds that players can hear walking in the swamp.


The game developers have fixed 6 bugs in the new version of Minecraft The game no longer crashes if the player gets damage from a falling block. Mobs do not disappear when the world is restarted.

Emote Wheel in Minecraft PE 1.19

Creatures with resistance to repulsion react less to the blows of the Iron Golem. The Ender generation bugs were also fixed. The buttons and additional information on the skin packs are displayed correctly. Fixed the display of the Emote Wheel.

Download Minecraft PE

Name Minecraft Bedrock
OS Android
Producer Microsoft
Author Mojang
License Free
Xbox Live +
Size 159 МБ

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