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Minecraft PE 1.14.1

Download Minecraft PE 1.14.1 for Android with a working Xbox Live: create houses for bees and become a real beekeeper with new features.

Minecraft PE 1.14.1

What is interesting in Minecraft 1.14.1?

The developers of Mojang Studios continue large-scale work on the bee update, which provides players with completely new opportunities for development and exploration of the space around.

Thanks to the improved performance, the gameplay has gained greater stability and this cannot but please the players. In Minecraft PE 1.14.1, heroes can try their hand at beekeeping and get healthy and delicious honey from these insects.


These insects have become the main news of the entire update, including Minecraft 1.14.1. If handled correctly, they can bring a lot of benefits to the player.

Angry Bees for Minecraft 1.14

But do not try to anger the little flying creatures, because in this case they will unite and try to inflict maximum damage to the offender.


The first thing a player who wants to do beekeeping in Minecraft PE 1.14.1 needs to do is make houses for bees. To do this, it is enough to combine several boards and honeycombs.

Beehives for Minecraft 1.14

By the way, it is quite easy to get the second ones. It is enough to find the dwelling of these insects in the forest and use scissors to get the necessary item. At the same time, no living creature will be harmed.


The blocks that the player created from honey are quite widely used in Minecraft 1.14.1. Firstly, they can stop aggressive mobs for a while if they get in their way.

Honey Blocks for Minecraft PE 1.14

By the way, the player will receive less damage if he lands on such an object falling from a height.

A bottle of honey

From the product that bees give in Minecraft PE 1.14.1, users can make a lot of useful items. One of them is bottles with this nutritious liquid. Crafting will require several glass flasks and a block of honey.

Honey Bottles for Minecraft 1.14

In the future, the resulting objects can be used to produce sugar or other sweets.

Download Minecraft PE 1.14.1

Name Minecraft Bedrock
Version 1.14.1
Date 18.12.2019
OS Android
Producer Microsoft
Author Mojang
License Free
Xbox Live +
Size 90 МБ

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