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FNF Mod for Minecraft PE

Download FNF Mod for Minecraft PE: discover various characters from the popular video game.

FNF Mod for Minecraft PE

FNF Mod for Minecraft

The Friday Night Funkin Mod is dedicated to the game of the same name, which adds famous characters and a plot from the original to Minecraft PE. All of them are made in the form of mobs.

Pump in FNF Mod for Minecraft PE

Unique mobs will have their own abilities, and some of them can use songs to attack, while others drop valuable items. Some will become friends, and others will become bitter enemies.

Friday Night Funkin

According to the plot, the guy wants to attract the attention of a beautiful girl, but he is constantly hindered by various characters. To defeat them and get the girl’s attention, you need to show your musical abilities, namely, to win in rap battles.

Girlfriend in FNF Mod for Minecraft PE

By installing this FNF Mod, a Minecraft PE user will add to his world not only the main characters of the game but also other, no less interesting mobs.

NOTE: Mobs will be randomly generated, some of them can be tamed, and others are neutral and even aggressive.


More than a dozen new and detailed characters, each with their own unique abilities and demeanor. You can get to know them if you download the FNF Mod. As the main attack, each of them uses singing, which is accompanied by colorful animation.

Lemon Demon in FNF Mod for Minecraft PE
The guy and the girl- the main characters will be able to be your friends. All you need to do is give them the microphone. After that, they will protect you from enemies using their musical abilities. A guy can be cured with pizza and a girl with Dr. Pepper Cherry soda.

Real Friday Night Funkin Mod Characters

The FNF Mod adds different characters from this game to the Minecraft PE world.

Garcello in FNF Mod for Minecraft PE
Among the Mobs, the player will meet the following:

  • Darnell;
  • Pump;
  • Lemon Demon;
  • Ruv;
  • Boyfriend;
  • Sarvente;
  • Whitty.

Eteled in FNF Mod for Minecraft PE

NOTE: All of them received three-dimensional and detailed 3D models. Each mob has 200 health and 7-8 damage.

Download FNF Mod for Minecraft PE

Name Versions File
FNF 1.16.0 – 1.19.50 Download

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