Animal Mods for Minecraft PE

Download Animal Mods for Minecraft PE: add Bengal tigers to the game, a special kind of frog that is protected by nature, and play with tamed ants.

animal mods

Animal Mods for MCPE

The Animal Mods section for Minecraft allows Minecraft PE users to download addons that add new creatures to the game. It will be much more interesting and fun to play with these mods because these animals can be tamed and be your friends.

Ants Mod

These ants are special: they can be tamed and saddled. They are much larger in comparison with ordinary ants, they like melons, sugar, and apples. Insects are less fast and bouncy than horses.

ants mod
Ants live mainly in deserts, but some can be found in savannas. Mobs can be saddled, a Minecraft PE user needs to put a diamond reservation on them. Steve can only tame large ants with a green mark on their backs.
Note: Small ants can not be tamed, are very fast, and can sting.

Tiger Mod

The addon adds not only ordinary tigers to the game but also their Bengal relatives. Tigers commonly live in the savannah and jungle, Bengal tigers live in the plains.

tiger mod
Predators eat rabbits, and a player can tame them, the player will need fish. If a player wants to breed them seriously, he has to store golden apples.
Note: The tiger’s health is restored by fish and beef. Predators attack zombies and skeletons.

Darwin’s Frog Mod

Darwin’s swamp-dwelling Frog in Minecraft was added by the creator in order to draw attention to this endangered species. This is a very small species of frogs (up to 2 cm long and up to 2 grams of body weight), which has a triangular head shape and a sharp muzzle.

darvin's frog
The coloring of the addon’s body is very similar to the pattern of fallen leaves. Most often it has a green color interspersed with yellow-red shades. A tiny creature lives in the swamps.
Note: Darwin’s frogs are afraid of dehydration of the body. If their skin dries completely, the animal may die. Therefore, Darwin’s frogs should stay close to reservoirs or any water sources.

Download Animal Mods for Minecraft PE

Name Versions File
Ants 1.10.0 –1.19.30 Download
Tigers 1.10.0 –1.19.30 Download
Darvin’s Frog 1.17.0 –1.19.30 Download

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