Who’s Your Daddy Map for Minecraft PE

Download the Who’s Your Daddy Map for Minecraft PE: choose the role of a naughty child or a father and save a child from a mortal threat. But do not forget about the traps that wait for you in the house.

who's your daddy map

The Who’s Your Daddy Map for MCPE

The Who’s Your Daddy Map for Minecraft is based on the famous computer game. Users need a minimum of two participants to play. The test seems simple, but players need to monitor all the activities around to succeed.

Before the start

Users must choose roles. To start the Who’s Your Daddy Map, two players are needed in Minecraft PE: a child and a father. The child’s task is to harm himself in every possible way, and the father must save the child at any cost.

living room

Before starting the game, players need to set a 15 minutes timer. It will be the time limit for the game duration in Minecraft. If the child remains alive after the time expiration, congratulations, Steve is a wonderful dad.

Note: Two or three invisibility potions can also be a timer.

The game begins

As soon as both players have read the rules and instructions on the Who’s Your Daddy Map for Minecraft PE they enter the house and the game begins. The child should hang around the house and look for adventures. Dad has to defend his young baby from accidents.


In one of the rooms, a child can find poisonous mixtures. The father’s task is to hide them before the child gets them and drinks poison.

poisonous mixtures

There are a lot of different traps in the house and outdoors: dangerous stairs, electricity in the bedroom, poison. In Minecraft, the father has no minutes to rest because the child takes up all his free time.

child's room

The trials consist of pressing buttons, many of which instantly kill the child, while others heal both him and his father. Therefore, players should carefully monitor their surroundings and try to use any available hints that will please their originality and help them to win Minecraft PE.

Note: Play at minimal difficulty and do not break blocks unnecessarily.

Download Whos Your Daddy Map for Minecraft PE

Versions File
0.16.0 – 1.19.0 Download

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