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Insane Craft Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Insane Craft Mod for Minecraft PE: make incredible changes to the familiar game world using a huge number of decorative items.

Insane Craft Mod for Minecraft PE

Insane Craft Mod for MCPE

Do you like intense travels around the Minecraft PE world? With the Insane Craft Mod, you will be able to explore new colorful, interesting places filled with monsters, decorative blocks, new ores, and much more!

New Ores in Minecraft PE

It is a great addon that will make a lot of changes to your game world. He will complement the game with new biomes, terrains, blocks, ores, things, and the rest.

Minecraft Insane United Worlds

This Insane Craft Mod includes more than 50 popular mods. You will also get a large number of new crafting recipes.

Nether in Insane Craft Mod for Minecraft PE

The maximum amount of content for passing the game is collected here. The author tried to make sure that the volumetric Minecraft PE mod did not affect the performance of the gameplay in any way. All the additions that make up the mod are compatible with each other.

Items in Insane Craft Mod for Minecraft PE

NOTE: The mod is perfect for playing in survival mode.

What is added to the game?

If you want to introduce a lot of new features and features into the Minecraft PE game, but you don’t want to download addons separately, then use this Insane Craft Mod. You will get everything you need for an interesting survival.

New biome in Insane Craft Mod for Minecraft PE
In addition to a variety of blocks and other inventory items, the addon adds new mobs: DirtMan, Mr. Mastery, Zhyuro, HonKit, DextenMods, Laiffoo, FluffyCraft, Spyderrock, and Hog.

Mobs in Insane Craft Mod for Minecraft PE


Among the new biomes, blocks, and items, the following can be distinguished in Insane Craft Mod:
• Chocolate Flash (biome);
• Edge Lantern (block);
• Edge Ore (block);
• Dried bamboo boards (block);
• Tungsten ore (block);
• Tungsten block;
• Ash (item);
• Edge Shard;
• Tungsten Ingot;
• Tungsten metal wand;
• Metal nuggets;
• Firefly (new mob);
• Giant boss (can only be spawned by teams);
• Exploding Arrow (new mob);
• Killer mask (item of equipment).

Armor in Insane Craft Mod for Minecraft PE

The “equipment_diving_helmet” function gives a diving helmet, and the “equipment_killer_mask” function gives a killer mask.

NOTE: For the commands to work, you need to activate the cheats in Minecraft PE.

Download Insane Craft Mod for Minecraft PE


Name Versions File
Insane Craft Mod 1.18.0 – 1.19.50 Download

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