Newb Shaders for Minecraft PE

Download Newb Shader for Minecraft PE: amazing transformations of the cubic world that will create a completely new and realistic picture.Newb Shader for Minecraft PE

What is new in Newb Shader?

Every Minecraft PE player once thinks about how to make the surrounding space more realistic. Newb Shader miraculously copes with this task. At the same time, users will certainly be pleased with the fact that no additional costs will be required from the device for the update to work.Nature from Newb Shader for Minecraft PE

Heroes will be able to appreciate the updated textures of the moon and sun, wave animation of foliage and grass, as well as improved appearance of water bodies.


This update for Newb Shader will allow players to transform the cubic world in full. The changes will affect the sky, which will receive a three-color gradient and pleasant shades. The authors also updated the appearance of the moon and the sun.

Trees from Newb Shader for Minecraft PE

Rainy weather will now also deserve special attention because it is at this time that you can feel a special atmosphere. By the way, a completely new fog will appear in the game, which can be customized.Sunset from Newb Shader for Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE heroes will be able to enjoy the time spent on the shore of a lake or river because they have become much more realistic. The water will have several shades, and small waves can be distinguished on the surface and underwater.

Main Features

The main distinguishing feature of Newb Shader can be considered an incredible transformation and realism of the cubic world. At the same time, the update will be available to a large number of players, thanks to its full optimization and low costs on the part of the device.Rainy Weather from Newb Shader for Minecraft PE

Thus, this update makes the world of Minecraft PE more realistic and natural, while it remains quite recognizable. Be sure to evaluate all the changes and you will not want to go back to the previous option anymore.Beautiful Lake from Newb Shader for Minecraft PE

Download Newb Shaders for Minecraft PE

Name Versions File
Newb Shaders 1.14.0 – 1.19.50 Download

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