Minecraft PE 1.18.31

Download for free the second part of the Minecraft PE 1.18.31 Cave Update for Android: get access to the Ancient City, follow the new biome, and beware of dangerous Warden.


Minecraft 1.18.31: Caves & Cliffs Part 2

In the next update of Minecraft PE 1.18.31, developers continue to develop the content of the wild update. The Dark Depths Biome, which appeared a few updates ago, was constantly being improved. For example, now a user can find a scary and dangerous supervisor in this biome.


He is completely blind, his main senses are based on sounds, smells, and vibrations. It is better not to get close to him because he will immediately notice the Minecraft 1.18.31 player. Before attacking, Warden will turn towards Steve and starts roaring. He is very strong and can even break a shield.

Warden in Minecraft PE 1.18.31

Warden is very quiet and unnoticeable, and before the attack, he gets out of the ground. Before appearing, he is waiting for the alarm of Sculk Shriekers. And the player will be able to determine how angry he is by the pulsation of the heart in his chest.

NOTE: To avoid a collision, you need to stop any interactions for 1 minute: in this case, he will simply calm down and return to the ground again.

Dark Depths

This mysterious biome is also modified. Now it has special location called the Ancient City. It consists of old abandoned buildings. There is a treasure to be found in every building. It is in the chests, and the chests are guarded by Sculk sensors and a Shrieker.

Sculk in Minecraft PE 1.18.31

If a user activates these protective mechanisms, they will certainly call Warden. Also, a new block that cannot be obtained in Minecraft PE 1.18.31 survival mode is a Reinforced Deepslate.

Error Corrections

Minecraft 1.18.31 developers have also fixed some important bugs. Now the Iron Golem does not throw away mobs that have resistance to dropping.

Emote Wheel in Minecraft PE 1.18.31

During the import, worlds, and objects no longer disappear. And the Emote Wheel now works without errors even on touch-controlled devices. And the helmet that the players are wearing is no more invisible if any block falls on the player.

Download Minecraft PE 1.18.31

Name Minecraft Bedrock
Version 1.18.31
OS Android
Producer Microsoft
Author Mojang
License Free
Xbox Live +
Size 161 МБ

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