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Treasure Map for Minecraft PE

Download Treasure Map for Minecraft PE: embark on an exciting adventure through the jungle, feel like a partner of Lara Croft, Indiana Jones, and Nathan Drake, and find ancient treasures.

Treasure Map for Minecraft PE
Treasure Map Minecraft

There is a huge variety of secrets hidden in the Minecraft PE jungle that attract hunters. You will have to become the adventurer who will be able to get to the most secret places exploring the buried Treasure Map Minecraft.

Tomb Crafter 6: Lost Temple

The new Minecraft Treasure Map is already the 6th part of an incredibly fascinating story, which many Minecraft PE players could hear about. It was created recently for the mobile version of the game. This time everything will be much more interesting. It is necessary to be patient and do everything according to the instructions and instructions. And also not to cheat and not deceive


This is the sixth card in a series of adventure cards. The player also should find an old temple in the jungle. There is a very rare and priceless artifact – the Mask of the King. The map has its own story and plot.

You have come to South America to find a lost temple in the deep jungle. Because you know the legend that says that treasures can be found in the old temple. They are hidden there. And you went in search of this ancient artifact.

After a few weeks of walking through the jungle, you seem to have found a temple.

Tomb Crafter in Treasure Map for Minecraft PE

Steve will have to go through many weeks of nightmares, horror, and difficulties before he reaches the main goal.

A walk through an ancient Temple will make the player wander through amazing places and find some archaeological finds all the time. They will be so valuable and important for everyone that everything you have to see later will not be of interest at all. Immediately, numerous tests will face the player.

Decoration in Treasure Map for Minecraft PE

Therefore, a player should be very, very careful! And the main item is an ancient artifact – the Royal Mask, which must be found! This is the main goal of this game.

But it’s one thing to understand and remember the task itself, and quite another to start doing it. There are many difficulties to be experienced. And for nothing to catch you by surprise, just be prepared for any difficulties.

Dungeon in Treasure Map for Minecraft PE
There are essential Minecraft Treasure Map tips:
• Do not destroy blocks;
• Play at a level between easy and difficult (but not peaceful).

NOTE: If you have the opportunity to play with friends, then be sure to use it. It will be much easier this way. There will be a lot of treasures scattered all over the map, so you will be able to divide the loot for everyone.

Treasure Hunter Series: Jungle Puzzle

The map is a huge temple, in which a lot of interesting things are waiting for the player. There are no difficulties if you don’t know how to use a Treasure Map in Minecraft PE.

The addon offers the users fascinating puzzles, magnificent parkour levels, and a treasure hunt. The main character will have to show not only the ability to fight mobs and survive but also his skills in solving difficult tasks and heavy jumps.

Treasure Hunter in Treasure Map for Minecraft PE

The author of the map presented a small series of builds, in each of which the player will have to overcome various challenges to get to the valuable things. In this part, the action will unfold in the jungle. As described above, the treasure hunt will not be easy.

Challenges in Treasure Map for Minecraft PE

Even receiving the desired the game will not be easy: the cave will begin to collapse, filling up tunnels and exits, so you need to get out as quickly as possible.

NOTE: It is ideal for team play in multiplayer mode.

Download Treasure Map for Minecraft PE

Name Versions File
Tomb Crafter 1.1.0 – 1.19.50 Download
Treasure Hunter Series 1.14.0 – 1.19.50 Download

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