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Tony Stark’s Mansion Map for Minecraft PE

Download Tony Stark’s House Map for Minecraft PE: discover the life of the most popular hero of the Marvel world, find out how very handsome and rich Tony Stark could live in a cubic world.

tony stark's mansion

Tony Stark’s Mansion Map for Minecraft PE

If you love “Iron Man” film, then you probably would like to find yourself in some memorable places. Players have the opportunity to use the Tony Stark Mansion map for Minecraft Bedrock Edition, which offers to go to the mansion of this hero and become the rightful owner of a giant house on the edge of the sea.

What’s new?

The author has done a good job creating the map and suggests just a little practice in terms of research. The mansion itself is quite large, has several hidden places, and will definitely please Minecraft PE fans to look for clues and details of the environment. Therefore, Steve should stock up on time and go on this adventure.


Tony Stark is not a poor man, so his house corresponds to his status. The house appeared in films about Iron Man, and in the third part, it was even destroyed by a Mandarin. The house in Minecraft is also located on a cliff, it seems to hang over a precipice and has a gorgeous view of the ocean.


The interior of the mansion is not much worked out, a Minecraft PE user can decorate it with additional furniture.
Mansion Sectors:

  • Zone A is the main building of the Avengers, meetings are held there, issues are discussed and plans are made;
  • Zone B is the second most important building on this map. It is a large space divided into small parts;
  • Storage room – all materials and resources used by Stark and the Avengers themselves are stored there;
  • Press zone.


The building is saturated with advanced technologies and designed in a minimalist style. Such a mansion will amaze every connoisseur of design and connoisseurs of building structures in Minecraft Bedrock. The Tony Stark’s Map is a tribute to the hero, as one of the popular comic book characters these days.

Download Tony Stark’s Mansion Map for Minecraft PE

Versions File
1.4.0 – 1.19.30 Download

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