Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE explore new opportunities in changing the appearance of armor, as well as travel the world in search of new items.


Minecraft Trails & Tales

This time, the developers of Mojang Studios decided to please the players by correcting various failures and errors that were identified earlier. For example, in Minecraft PE, the volume of Gas has been fixed, as well as problems that occurred when teleporting through command blocks.

Also, players still have the opportunity to change the appearance of equipment with the help of unique drawings. This direction will be further developed in the future update of Trails & Tales.

Archaeological searches

Users are waiting for some of the updates with special interest and have high hopes for their appearance. This is exactly what happened in Archaeology, which became available for study in Minecraft

Archaeology from Minecraft PE 1.20

The developers started by adding new blocks to the cubic world, which are called Suspicious Sand. By the way, now there is the same gravel. A special brush has also become available for crafting.

Suspicious Sand from Minecraft PE 1.20

At the moment, the number of possible artifacts that players can find is already more than 10 pieces and they all have a unique pattern.

Pottery Shards from Minecraft PE 1.20

Armor Templates

Each player uses armor because the cube world is a very dangerous place where you always need to be ready for battle. And to make their hero different from others, users can use new technology for drawing drawings on equipment.

Smithing Template from Minecraft PE 1.20

First of all, in Minecraft PE, you need to find special Templates in various structures, and then combine them with other materials.

Cherry Grove

To take a break from dangerous adventures, a new biome called Cherry Grove is perfect in Minecraft Everything in it is created for peace and tranquility, and the trees with pink flowers look just great.

Cherry Grove from Minecraft PE 1.20

Download Minecraft PE

Name Minecraft Bedrock
OS Android
Producer Microsoft
Author Mojang
License Free
Xbox Live +
Size 161 МБ