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Download Minecraft PE use a new kind of plant to propagate the Sniffer, as well as take a walk through Cherry Grove or other locations.


Minecraft Trails & Tales

Not every update is replete with innovations, but at the same time, developers always try to fix the errors that were identified in the gameplay. So in Minecraft PE, they managed to fix the problem of using the Pressure plate.

At the same time, in the cubic world, there are many of the most interesting and diverse objects that the heroes can find in the process of exploring the surrounding space.


Of course, to find certain items, the heroes will need to work hard and explore sometimes quite extensive areas of the cubic world. The fact is that some objects are quite common and they are easy to detect in each biome. Others are so rare that only the most attentive players can find them.

Cherry Grove from Minecraft PE 1.20

In Minecraft, go to the Cherry Biome, where you can collect the petals of local trees and later create a pink dye from them.

Brush from Minecraft PE 1.20

If you explore the desert, then near the temples you can see the place where excavations are being carried out. Be sure to get a brush to carefully get the antiquities that are stored there.


Players can find interesting and unusual locations throughout the cubic world. One of them is the Cherry Biome mentioned earlier. But also in warm areas, of which there are quite a lot in Minecraft PE, you can meet a unique creature – it is called a Sniffer.

Sniffer for Minecraft PE 1.20

This mob is an ancient animal, which for some reason has survived to this day. By the way, it can be propagated with the help of a Torchflower flower, the seeds of which this cute animal feeds.

Tourchflower from Minecraft PE 1.20

Other changes

Among the innovations of the latest versions, players can highlight the appearance of special items with which you can decorate equipment with unusual symbols and objects.

Smithing Template from Minecraft PE 1.20

This will make the player in Minecraft unique and unlike others.

Download Minecraft PE

Name Minecraft Bedrock
OS Android
Producer Microsoft
Author Mojang
License Free
Xbox Live +
Size 161 МБ