Minecraft PE 1.18.30

Download for free the second part of the Minecraft PE 1.18.30 Cave Update for Android: keep the necessary items in the boat, craft a copper horn, watch Allay is dancing, and beware of Warden.

Minecraft 1.18.30

Minecraft 1.18.30: Caves & Cliffs Part 2

Minecraft 1.18.30 gives fans of the game even more features and useful items. Now you can not only move on the water but also transport things by boat. Players can also use Allay’s help in collecting items and creating a copper horn.


Minecraft PE 1.18.30 will delight fans of the blocky world with the long-awaited appearance of the hostile mob living in the Dark Depths.

Warden in Minecraft PE 1.18.30

If the player has the opportunity to pass by this mob unnoticed, it is better to use it. It will be difficult to fight Warden because he is a very powerful opponent.


The mob has become the most anticipated creature in the game since the online voting it won. Minecraft 1.18.30. players can make friends with the creature and count on its help. And the mob dances funny.

Allay in Minecraft PE 1.18.30

Allay can pick up the items Steve needs if he gives him a similar thing in his hands.

Copper Horn

Minecraft PE 1.18.30 players who want to get new sounds inside the game should create a copper horn for themselves. The item is crafted from goat horn and three copper ingots.

Copper Horn in Minecraft PE 1.18.30

In total, Steve can get about 30 different sounds, which will depend on the position of the player.


The Minecraft PE 1.18.30 will allow fans of the blocky world to no longer worry about transporting the necessary items through reservoirs. A boat connected to a chest becomes a universal means of transportation in long journeys.

Deep Dark in Minecraft PE 1.18.30

Dark Depths

The Mojang developers offer the bravest users of Minecraft 1.18.30 to go to the dangerous journey through the darkest biome of the game. Here the player may come across Sculk blocks glowing in the dark. Shrieker can impose an unusual effect on the user of the game.

Sculk Blocks in Minecraft PE




















NOTE: The effect of darkness will darken the screen for a while and limit visibility.

Download Minecraft PE 1.18.30

Name Minecraft Bedrock
Version 1.18.30
OS Android
Producer Microsoft
Author Mojang
License Free
Xbox Live +
Size 160 МБ

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