Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE The Wild Update: discover the Ancient City, find the Echo Shards, and follow the compass to your death place.


Minecraft The Wild Update

The Mojang Studios developers have published a new beta test version of Minecraft for Android and iOS. In this update, the recovery compass was added. And also they have fixed bugs and made some changes of the game process.

Recovery Compass

A special compass has been added to the inventory, which works as a navigator. It shows the way to the place where the Minecraft PE player died. To create it, you will need eight echo fragments and a compass. The compass after death shows in which direction a player should run to find this place.

Recovery Compass in Minecraft PE

NOTE: If the hero died in another dimension, the recovery compass will not work correctly. In order for it to work correctly, you will need to go to the dimension where the player died.

Echo Shards

These items can only be found in the Ancient City. They are hidden in the chests. The main function of the Echo Shards is to create a recovery compass. Minecraft developers also promise that loot of  shards will appear in the chests soon.

Echo Shards in Minecraft PE


In the updated version of Minecraft PE, the mob received an animation of pain if it takes damage. Now when he gets angry, he attacks not mobs but players. The Mojang Studios has also improved the Warden’s functions of sniffing and tracking.

Warden in Minecraft PE

Now the player can not be afraid to get the effect of darkness if he creates a mob in the creative game mode.

Spectator Mode

The new feature is still being finalized. The Minecraft developers promise that in the next updates, the mode can be switched in the game settings. Now to activate it, you need to enter the command /gamemode 6.

Bug Fixes

A lot of bugs have been fixed in Minecraft PE Sculk Blocks are not activated near the red dust anymore. A bug was also fixed when the the player replaced blocks. Now, for example, when sand falls on a block with grass, it does not destroy it. The enchantment interface is displayed correctly.

Emote Wheel in Minecraft PE1.19.0.26

Previously, the animation of the fire flickered. Now this error has been fixed and no longer appears in the case when the player is in a cauldron with lava. Also in the new version of MCPE plates can be installed indefinitely. The names of Multicolored Dyes have been corrected in the inventory.

Download Minecraft PE

Name Minecraft Bedrock
OS Android
Producer Microsoft
Author Mojang
License Free
Xbox Live +
Size 161 МБ