Minecraft PE 1.18.12

Download for free the second part of the Minecraft PE 1.18.12 Cave Update for Android: experience vanilla changes, appreciate the updated interface, and much more.

Minecraft 1.18.12

Minecraft 1.18.12: Caves & Cliffs Part 2

The Mojang developers have released a new Minecraft 1.18.12 version again, in which they have refined the mobs, as well as updated the interface and vanilla textures.


The updated version of Minecraft PE 1.18.12 changes the interface in a high-quality way. In the world creation menu, the selection of options has become easier: now a user doesn’t have to scroll down the page, all options are grouped by category. And a separate section has been created for experimental functions.

New intefrace in Minecraft PE 1.18.12
When creating a new world, the Minecraft 1.18.12 player will see a separate tab with resource packages. If a user has been declassified by an opponent during a sneak attack, his pose will be reset after rebirth.


The favorite food of these cute mobs is algae and slime. For every piece of slime eaten by a frog, a Minecraft 1.18.12 player gets a ball of slime.

And if he gives a frog a Magma block, then after the mob eats it, completely new Glowing blocks will be generated. These blocks come in three types: Ochre, Verdant, and Pearlescent.

Frogs in Minecraft 1.18.12

In the updated version of Minecraft 1.18.12, the frogspawn cannot be seen if Steve looks up from the bottom. Another important change also affected the turtles. Now turtles and frogs can be seduced with treats vertically.

Vanilla Changes

The developers of Minecraft PE 1.18.12 continue to improve the quality of the game so that there is as much similarity as possible with the Java version. In this version, the changes mainly affected the villagers. If the Clerics used to sell Glowstone Dust, now Steve can get a Glowstone from them.

Vanilla changes in Minecraft PE 1.18.12
Now the Journeyman is engaged in the trade of diamond weapons. And the Enchanted Iron Swords trade has passed to a Novice. The wood from which a fishing boat is made depends on the biome in which it was built.

Download Minecraft PE 1.18.12

Name Minecraft Bedrock
Version 1.18.12
OS Android
Producer Microsoft
Author Mojang
License Free
Xbox Live +
Size 131 МБ

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