Mini Game Maps for Minecraft PE

Download Mini Game Maps for Minecraft PE: play alone or compete with friends, win and get a champion’s cup you deserve.

mini-game maps

Mini Game Maps for Minecraft

Mini-games in Minecraft are a great opportunity to play both as a single-player and in the company of friends. Easy rules, as well as a clear scoring system, will allow players to determine the winner easily.

Mini-Games Map

In this map, Minecraft PE players get a collection of 23 exciting games of both single and group mode. Everyone’s favorite mazes, puzzles, horse races, and flights on elytra are among them.

mini-games map

Some features that are useful for the player to know:

  • Mobwar has a single-mode;
  • the names of the players in the maze are hidden to improve the gameplay;
  • armor is dressed automatically (except diamond armor);
  • settings have been improved in Minecraft Mini-Games Map;
  • in “Sumo” the edges disappear;
  • the maze can be played by 1 player.

Cops and Robbers Map

Cops and Robbers is a Minecraft PE mini-game in which two opposing teams are prisoners and cops. Prisoners have to cheat the cops to escape prison.

Note: You cannot kill players from the opposite team for no reason, destroy any blocks on the map, and fight prisoners for no reason.

cops and robbers map

All prisoners in Minecraft have to come up with an escape plan, although they don’t have much free time: the cops always come up with activities for them, such as going to the shower, having dinner, and going for walks.

Infinity Racers

This mini game is interesting for Minecraft users who like to compete with friends in car races. 5 is the maximum number of participants in the endless racing game. For the best game, Minecraft race participants can come up with the rules themselves.

infinity racers

The track is very interesting in Minecraft PE, brightly decorated in rainbow colors. It is not boring to drive it because players have to go through many barriers and not fall into traps.

Note: The Infinity Racers Map does not have a finish line, so players can compete endlessly.

Download Mini-Games Maps for Minecraft PE

Name Versions File
 Mini-Games Map 1.10.0 – 1.19.0 Download
 Cops and Robbers Map 1.16.0 – 1.19.0 Download
 Infinity Racers Map 1.16.0 – 1.19.0 Download

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