Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE use unusual items to decorate your home or make it safer and more protected from enemies.


Minecraft Hanging Signs and Bamboo

In this version, the developers not only fixed the previously noted errors but also added unusual features for players. In Minecraft PE, new sounds appear when installing various blocks or pressing buttons.

By the way, changes have occurred in the Inventory. Now in Creative Mode, Ender Dragon and Wither can only be summoned using commands.

Unusual items

To make the gameplay even more interesting, developers are constantly introducing something new into it, it can be blocks or creatures. But in Minecraft, new options for using the most common items become available.

Hanging Signs

Previously, such items could be installed only if the block was found as support. In Minecraft PE, this is not necessary, Hanging Signs are available for placement on walls or fences.

Hanging Signs from Minecraft 1.20

Mob Sounds

Use mob heads to protect your home. Just place any of them on the Note Block and the sounds, for example, Creeper will be heard by everyone who happens to be nearby.

Mob Sounds from Minecraft 1.20

In Minecraft, you do not even have to squat to install, the developers canceled that condition.

Chiseled Bookshelf

Another item that got more use cases in Minecraft PE is Chiseled Bookshelf. From now on, they can be used not only as a decorative element but also for their intended purpose.

Chiseled Bookshelfs from Minecraft 1.20

And if you connect the Redstone, you will get a secret passage that only its owner will know about.


And now you can build your home from a very unusual and interesting material – Bamboo. It is easy to get it in the jungle and start construction in the shortest possible time.

Bamboo Blocks from Minecraft 1.20

And if you want to discover new spaces and learn something new, then a Bamboo raft, which is also available for creation in Minecraft, is perfect for such purposes.

Raft from Minecraft 1.20


Download Minecraft PE

Name Minecraft Bedrock
OS Android
Producer Microsoft
Author Mojang
License Free
Xbox Live +
Size 161 МБ