Minecraft PE 0.14.1

Download Minecraft PE 0.14.1: use slime blocks to avoid getting damaged from falling, and also get acquainted with the Dropper capabilities.

Minecraft 0.14.1

Minecraft 0.14.1: Overworld Update

In this version of the game, users have even more interesting features that will certainly diversify the gameplay. First of all, it is worth noting the appearance of a new block – Dropper.

Its functionality is similar to Dispenser, but unlike it, this device does not use objects, but only throws them away. By the way, new skins have become available in Minecraft PE 0.14.1, these are images from the game Minecraft: Story Mode.

The developers also fixed some technical issues that were related to the incorrect display of Steve’s model.


Dropper from Minecraft 0.14

Another functional block appears in Minecraft 0.14.1. With its help, for example, you can place things in containers, for this they must be placed in front of the Dropper.

To create it, the player will need cobblestones and red dust.

Slime Block

Slime Blocks from Minecraft 0.14

These transparent blocks in Minecraft PE 0.14.1 have a texture similar to the mob of the same name. If a player falls on him, he will not receive damage. When walking on such blocks, the movements of Steve or other creatures will be slowed down.


Witches from Minecraft 0.14

A new unusual mob continues to cause inconvenience to players in Minecraft 0.14.1. You can find out about the witch’s approach by laughing loudly. Attacks this creature with various potions.

They can put a nausea effect on the player or slow down his movements.


Witch Huts from Minecraft 0.14

A witch lives in Minecraft PE 0.14.1 in a small hut right in the middle of impassable swamps. And it usually appears at night. It is quite difficult to find this building, but it is worth it because there are a lot of interesting things inside.


Cauldrons from Minecraft 0.14

Right in the middle of the witch’s hut, the player will see a large cauldron. In Minecraft 0.14.1, you can pour water into it, repaint liquids if necessary, and also bottle ready-made potions.

Download Minecraft PE 0.14.1

Name Minecraft Pocket Edition
Version 0.14
OS Android
Producer Microsoft
Author Mojang
License Free
Xbox Live +
Size 19 МБ

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