Minecraft PE 1.17.30

Download Minecraft 1.17.30 for Android with a working Xbox Live: rocky peaks, an infected block, and the new Render Dragon graphics engine.

Minecraft 1.17.30

Minecraft 1.17.30: Caves and Cliffs

This update to Minecraft Bedrock 1.17.30, the first part of a larger update, can rightfully be called the most interesting. The Caves and Cliffs update has been split in two by the developers at Mojang Studios.

As mentioned earlier, this version is only the first part, but even it has many innovations that every player should try. For example, explore a new mountain biome or evaluate a game with a new graphics engine.

Stony peaks

Minecraft 1.17.30 has a new biome – stony peaks. This mountain biome looks a bit like snow-capped peaks. They differ in that in this novelty, instead of snow and ice, there will be gravel and stone at the mountain’s peak.

New cliffs in Minecraft PE 1.17.30

This innovation is used to prevent thermal collisions. For example, each player has encountered such a phenomenon as a snow-covered peak sticking out of the jungle. Now such anomalies should not be expected.


In the Minecraft 1.17.30 update, blocks also went through a series of changes. Also, new blocks have appeared. For example, a infested rock that Steve can find under new mountains. A bug related to eating a cake with candles has been fixed. Now, after pressing the “use” button, the user will receive the required number of pieces of cake.

Candle in Minecraft PE 1.17.30

Do not forget about the beehives that now appear in the world located in the south. In Minecraft 1.17.30, the user may not be afraid of the impact of falling stalactites because now the trajectory of their fall has been corrected. From now on, they do not interact with the object outside of its hitbox.

Render Dragon

Minecraft 1.17.30 has a new graphics engine – Render Dragon. This was done so that the graphics in your favorite game become even more realistic and closer to the computer version.

Download Minecraft PE 1.17.30

Name Minecraft Bedrock
Version 1.17.30
Date 21.09.2021
OS Android
Producer Microsoft
Author Mojang
License Free
Xbox Live +
Size 131 МБ

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