Item Physics Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Item Physics Mod for Minecraft PE: experience the new physics of blocky world items.

Item Physics Mod for Minecraft PE

Item Physics Mod for MCPE

The Item Physics Mod changes the physical qualities of a large number of items in the Minecraft PE game. This addon will allow the player to experience new emotions from playing in a blocky world. In survival mode, it will be especially spectacular. To keep up to date with all updates, a player needs to follow the latest news from the development world.


Due to changes in physical properties, objects and blocks in Minecraft will no longer float in the air but will lie and fall to the ground as in real life. In a fire, only those things that burn can burn. This also applies to combustion in lava. If an object is supposed to float, it will float, and if it is destined to drown, it will happen.

Item physics for Minecraft PE

The main changes that this mod makes in the Minecraft PE game:

  • If a player throws an object, it will lie on the surface very naturally;
  • Natural falling and breaking animation of blocks;
  • To lift an object, Steve needs to take it with his hands;
  • The process of throwing any object is accompanied by perfect animation;
  • The physical properties of blocks and liquids are very realistic: the log will float, the stone will sink;
  • Combustible things will certainly burn in lava, the rest will just either float in it or drown;
  • If Steve drops a torch in wood, it will burst into a bright flame.

Note: The Minecraft user should not forget to activate the experimental game mode.

Real animation in Minecraft PE
Survival mode will also be complemented by interaction with objects as in real life. Any thing that Steve throws has properties such as gravity and weight. And this means that the creative possibilities of the Minecraft PE gameplay are significantly expanded and improved. After all, now he can collect garbage in a pile, put items on shelves and decorate them with beautiful elements.


* Download the .addon file to the phone;
* Load each item into the game;
* Wait until the import is finished;
* Turn on the experimental mode in the game menu;
* Customize the language;
* Launch the game world;
* Collect items by clicking them.

Download Item Physics Mod for Minecraft PE


Name Versions File
Item Physics Mod 1.1.0 – 1.19.30 Download

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