Sniffer Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Sniffer Mod for Minecraft PE: meet a unique mob that can be a great helper for players and helps in finding seeds.

Sniffer Mod for Minecraft PE

What is new in Sniffer Mod?

At the moment, the mob that became the hero of the Sniffer Mod is the absolute favorite in the voting of Minecraft PE users. The fact is that great hopes are pinned on him.

Big and Small from Sniffer Mod for Minecraft PE

The creature has a unique nose, thanks to which it can find unique seeds deep underground. At the same time, he will often lose them and players will be able to pick up found objects.

If this character still wins and appears in the game, the heroes will have a great opportunity to interact with him. In the meantime, you can evaluate all the possibilities with this add-on.


In appearance, this creature is somewhat similar to a turtle. He is as unhurried as she is and hatches from eggs left on the beach. But this mob is much larger.

The Cub from Sniffer Mod for Minecraft PE

He has a big nose with which he constantly sniffs out something on the ground. If the player approaches him, he can hear up to 3 different sounds, which the author of the Sniffer Mod will award him.

Ancient Eggs from Sniffer Mod for Minecraft PE

The character has a rather bright and noticeable coloring, and there is a shell on the back. Since it has not officially appeared in Minecraft PE at the moment, you can only get it in the Inventory of the Creative Mode.

Additional items

In addition to the spawn egg of the mob itself, players can see three more new items in the inventory. They all represent the eggs of this creature but in different stages of their development.

New Friends from Sniffer Mod for Minecraft PE

According to the idea of the author of Sniffer Mod, the character lays them on the beaches of reservoirs and cubs hatch out of them. As a rule, they always try to find an adult and stay near her.

More Sniffers from Sniffer Mod for Minecraft PE

The creature is harmless, has a kind disposition, and in addition, it can be extremely useful to Minecraft PE players who have decided to do gardening.

Download Sniffer Mod for Minecraft PE


Name Versions File
Sniffer Mod 1.18.0 –1.19.50 Download

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