iOS Mod for Minecraft PE

Download iOS Mod for Minecraft PE: use modern devices to control the gameplay and surprise others with a stylish item.

iOS Mod for Minecraft PE

What is new in iOS Mod?

A modern person cannot be imagined for a smartphone, these devices have become so popular that absolutely everyone has them. Now Steve will get, thanks to the iOS Mod, a gadget of the latest model.

Smartphone from iOS Mod for Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE users can choose any color for a new item and evaluate its unique properties right now. Manage time, weather, turn on music, and much more. This is an absolute novelty for the cubic world.


Every Minecraft PE user can now boast of a brand-new smartphone from Apple. Moreover, he will spend nothing to get it. It is enough to install this update for iOS Mod and get a modern communication device at your disposal.

IPhone 5S from iOS Mod for Minecraft PE

This is a great opportunity to surprise others with an unusual object for the cubic world. The heroes will have access to the entire line of models, from old releases to the latest. There are also several color options to choose from.

Pocket Gadgets

This update for iOS Mod adds 30 new phones from a variety of manufacturers to Minecraft Bedrock at once.

Pocket Gadget from iOS Mod for Minecraft PE

At the moment, they only serve a decorative purpose, but perhaps in the future developers will add new functions to them. Complement the image of Steve with a beautiful and stylish object.

Working Phone

This time, the authors of iOS Mod managed to create a working device that has several very useful functions. To create it, you will need three blocks of iron, red dust, a glass panel, and a dye of absolutely any color.

Magenta Phone from iOS Mod for Minecraft PE

In the settings, be sure to enable the Holiday creator’s Capabilities, Future Creative Mode Capabilities, and Molang. In total, the smartphone has four functions. Among them are managing the weather and time in Minecraft PE, changing music, as well as getting various effects for 30 seconds.

Blue Colour from iOS Mod for Minecraft PE

Download iOS Mod for Minecraft PE

Name Versions File
Smartphones 1.16.0 – 1.20.51 Download
Pocket Gadgets 1.16.0 – 1.20.51 Download
Working Phones 1.18.0 – 1.20.51 Download

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